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50 High Protein Vegetables – Essential List for Vegetarians and Vegans

High Protein Vegetables are amazing assets to good health and wellbeing – let’s take a look.

I have been thinking for a while that putting together a list of 50 high protein vegetables might be really beneficial, not only for myself to ensure my fam eats super healthy but also for any other veggies or vegans out there worried they are not getting enough protein.


50 High Protein Vegetables


High Protein Vegetables and why they matter

I am sure that you are aware Protein is massively important to our diet. One of the most popular post s on this site is about a high protein vegetarian diet plan. It gets so many hits I know this a key issue – so I thought putting this list together for you might be really beneficial. 

I have been vegetarian for 39 years and love to cook. In fact i have my own food blog Eat Simply which is packed with veggie and vegan recipes.


High Protein Vegetables

Spinach Pancakes with Mushrooms and Eggs


Why do we need protein in our diet?

Your body needs protein to stay healthy and work the way it should. More than 10,000 types are found in everything from your organs to your muscles and tissues to your bones, skin, and hair. Protein is also a critical part of the processes that fuel your energy and carry oxygen throughout your body in your blood. (source)

Veggies and vegans can struggle to get the protein they need as meat/dairy can be an easy source for it. 


smoky aubergine soup


Why a list of high protein vegetables?

My daughter is vegan and the rest of my family are vegetarian so I see this as a crucial issue to address. i guess it is the same for many veggie /vegans.

 So I have put together for you a list of 50 high protein vegetables to help you ensure you include them in your day to day diet to keep you healthy and well fuelled as you go about your busy life


protein vegetables


50 delicious tasty and healthy high protein vegetables


  1. Spirulina
  2. Alfalfa
  3. Brussel sprouts
  4. Broccoli
  5. Spinach
  6. Bok Choy
  7. Asparagus
  8. Leek
  9. Lima beans 
  10. Beansprouts
  11. Green Beans
  12. Watercress
  13. Sweetcorn
  14. Artichokes
  15. Cabbage
  16. Peas
  17. White Mushrooms
  18. Butternut squash
  19. Carrots
  20. Pumpkin leaves
  21. Chickpeas
  22. Borlotti beans
  23. Lentils
  24. Wild rice
  25. Quinoa
  26. Potatoes – yep really!
  27. Black beans
  28. Pinto beans
  29. Kidney beans
  30. Aduki beans
  31. Vine leaves
  32. Seaweeds
  33. Sundried tomatoes
  34. Soybeans
  35. Avocados
  36. Cauliflower
  37. Edamame beans
  38. Mung beans 
  39. Fava beans
  40. Collard greens
  41. Kale
  42. Okra
  43. Kohlrabi (turnips)
  44. Broadbeans
  45. Blackeyed peas
  46. Split peas
  47. Sweet potato
  48. Fenugreek
  49. Shiitake Mushroom
  50. Swiss Chard


Ta-da – a full of list of high protein vegetables for you . I do hope you find it really useful and that it inspires your cooking. 


The High Protein Vegetables Based Vegan Cookbook

The high protein vegan cookbook is juts what you need to cook up some great recipes with these delicious high protein vegetables 

High-Protein Vegan highlights the ins- and- outs of vegan protein including how to build muscle and lose weight, the best foods to eat to achieve a strong, healthy body and recipes for DIY seitan. With more than 125 protein-rich, plant-based recipes, McMeans proves that vegans don’t have to skimp on this important nutrient.


high-protein vegan


My favourite high protein vegetarian recipe with high protein vegetables


high protein vegetarian recipe


I love this quesadilla as a quick lunch and it is packed with high protein vegetables 


Ingredients for your sweet potato and spinach quesadilla :

1 high-protein sweet potato

2 tortillas

100g protein packed spinach

1 jalapeno chilli – chopped

1 teaspoon of ground cumin

1/2 garlic clove – crushed

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil




Take a look here for how to cook it  – it really is super simple


A closer look at high protein vegetables



I do hope you have found this list of  High Protein Vegetables to be supper useful and you include them in your recipes going forward. 


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