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50 things to do before I’m Fifty

50 things to do before I’m Fifty – would you like to see my list?

I am fully aware this list will be different for everyone but nevertheless I thought it might inspire you if i shared mine with you.

Tomorrow is my 49th birthday and I intend to make this next year special and full of dreams, small goals and overdue intentions – come true. 50 things to do before I’m Fifty here I go!


50 things to do before I'm Fifty

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50 things to do before I’m Fifty

  1. Write 52 letters to old friends and loved ones (works out at 1 a week)  
  2. Visit my old friend Lisa/Jo in Cardiff/Dublin (20 years since I last saw them)
  3. Go proper camping
  4. Host a murder mystery dinner  – completed
  5. Publish a book on nature crafts – September 2021
  6. Reach 10k on Instagram (ever elusive)
  7. Reach and maintain my weight at 9 stone
  8. Hold a race night (yes! great fun – September 26 2020)
  9. Read 20  novels 
  10. Take a floristry course (started September 2020)
  11. Makeover our garden /get a summerhouse
  12. Declutter and repurpose loft
  13. Visit Naomi (again long overdue)(yes hurray surprise bday visit)
  14. Visit the other Naomi (yes march 2021) 
  15. Save for Uni ( I have a pot aim of 12k) (done)
  16. Complete my surgery (yes)
  17. Watch a west end show( Yes! Hamilton on Disney plus – was amazing we cried buckets)
  18. Finish the human voicebank  (completed Aug 30 2020 – woohoo)
  19. Learn 5 songs on guitar 
  20. Design a piece of jewellery (bracelet August 2020)
  21. Visit the British Museum plna for Sept Nero
  22. Earn X
  23. Redecorate our conservatory
  24. Redecorate bathroom
  25. Redecorate F bedroom (done april 2021)
  26. Redecorate A bedroom
  27. Redecorate lounge
  28. Learn the 3 move defeat at  chess (completed Aug 27 2020)
  29. Finish my romance novel – a year in the life
  30. Do an art therpy course
  31. Start practising direct therapy again (I have a job with Action for Children doing DIRECT THERAPY)
  32. Learn a line dance
  33. Give a TED X talk  ( book in Oct)
  34. Get a soft-top beetle or mini
  35. Set up a reading/writing memorial for mum
  36. Beat F in a 10 game of Mario carts! (yes completed on 14/10 – woo hoo)
  37. Take a make up lesson (done) 
  38. Get my travel blog and food blog to DA30 
  39. Get my page viewd on abs and FB to 30k – done Dec 30 2020 on ABS
  40. Qualify in Tai Chi   (I have a Tai Chi Diploma! Hurray completed September 20 2020!)
  41. Take an iphone photo course
  42. Rejoin the labour party (Done Aug 30 2020)
  43. Adopt / Support a child overseas  (Done August 30 – sponsoring a little boy in Hebron, 2020)
  44. Donate to a food bank each month of the year (done August 2020 with a commitment for each money)
  45. Get my book in top 100 on Amazon (done April 9th 2020 got to 71! be happy be you – done October 18  no.58)
  46. Organise all my finances
  47. Sort out and store all my photos into albums
  48. Take a trip on Orient Express / British Pullman
  49. Write a beautiful poem ( done – kindness poem)
  50. Host an Earth Day Party  ( done)

So that is it my 50 things to do before I’m Fifty list!

Now that coronavirus has impacted out year so much I am going to have to alter some of my list to make sure I practical terms I can complete it so I will be back to revisit this in the coming weeks


50 things to do before I’m Fifty – a powerful quote


50 things to do before I'm Fifty

50 things to do before I’m Fifty


What would be on your 50 things to do before I’m fifty list?

I made a little video to talk through my ideas and I am just so excited to get them underway – do you think you might have a go at creating a list like this?



50 things to do before I’m Fifty  – further reading

  – watch this space and my blog for regular updates of my 50 things to do before I’m Fifty and do have a read of this great post on 50 not out! 

Do share your 50 things to do before I’m Fifty list with me please if you decide to make one. Here is to a great year x


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