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52 Lists for Happiness Review

52 Lists for Happiness Review

52 Lists for Happiness Review

52 Lists for Happiness Review


52 Lists for Happiness Review

Have you heard of 52 lists for happiness?

It is a beautiful journal that contains list a week throughout the year for you to create – all centred around the idea of happiness. It includes such lists as what blocks your happines, what makes you happy, how to be kinder and your happy childhood. I was most attracted to list 11 – a happy childhood…. becuase I am currently not so happy and I wanted to look back and see what made me happy way back when.

Social media maven Moorea Seal’s ’52 Lists for Happiness’ will inspire existing fans and new journal readers to cultivate their own uniquely happy and fulfilling lives through the power of lists! Drawing on happiness research and her own personal philosophy, Moorea Seal creates an inspiring tool for list lovers everywhere to discover the keys to their own unique happiness and bring more joy and balance into their lives

The journal is undated and beautiful and a real pleasure to write in. You do not have to follow the lists in a linear fashion rather you dip in and out.


How I found it

Here is how I got on with chapter 11:



This book makes a beautiful gift idea and at under £10 it is great value. I think mostly though it makes a great gift idea for yourself. It is a chance to work through your thoughts and ideas around joy and what is making you happy in your life and if and how you can increase that level of happiness,

52 lists for happiness is a joy and a delight and a really useful self-reflection/action tool. I will definitely use it again. have a peek here for another 52 lists book I enjoyed. Do you love to read? Do you have any good book ideas you would like To share with me?

Lists really can help us





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