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6 Fashion Trends to Watch This Year

Fashion Trends to Watch This Year

If you’re one of those people who insists on being at the forefront of fashion, or even someone who tries to stay ahead of the curve, then you’ll want to know what the most important trends of the next year are predicted to be. Predicting trends is something that we are now able to do better and more accurately than ever before. Data analytics has proven to be a very powerful tool for understanding and predicting behaviour, by looking at what people are discussing on social media, as well as what the fashion world is doing, it is possible to develop sophisticated techniques for predicting what will be popular.

Fashion Trends to Watch This Year


The beret is making a comeback! It featured heavily at many of the major runway events during 2017, and it looks like its popularity is set to peak over the next 12 months. These hats are stylish, cute, lightweight, easy to pull off, and combine with a number of different looks. All of these facets make the beret a popular fashion choice.

Ultra Violet

Last year, Pantone unveiled Ultra Violet, a bold new colour which won a colour of the year award. This colour is perfectly suited for the springtime and it is this time of year when we are expecting Ultra Violet to really come into its own. We’re expecting, even hoping, to see Ultra Violet on everything, clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, the full works!

Ultra Violet will make an interesting contrast with some of the other spring and summer fashions, the designer dresses that form Beulah’s spring summer 2018 collection. You can click here to see the 2018 collection by Beulah. Let yourself indulge in the latest trends.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings were some of the most popular fashion accessories of 2017, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing. If anything, statement earrings are becoming more popular. Whether it’s an oversized hoop, or hammered metal, these large earrings are proving to be more popular than anyone could have predicted.

Pure Cotton

Denim has made a sustained comeback in recent years, and along with denim, cotton is proving to be a very popular material. High quality cotton garments are much more affordable than ever before.

Wide Leg Trousers

This is another trend from 2017 which is showing no signs of slowing. There are a number of popular varieties of wide leg trousers, cropped trousers, high-waist trousers, and many more have remained a staple of many wardrobes over the last year.

Custom Looks

Mixing and matching different styles, colours, and textures in order to create more personalised outfits, mirrors a general preference emerging amongst consumers for more personalised and customisable experiences in general. An increase in customisable and personalised clothes and accessories will likely be one of the most important fashion trends of 2018. There are also a number of other industries, in particular creative industries such as the film and television industries, but also sports teams and other franchises, who are taking advantage of the concept of customisable clothes by licensing their trademarks to be used.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve this year, then these are the most important fashion trends to prepare for.



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