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6 Great Ways to Make your Bed Warmer

Here are Online-Bedrooms.co.uk’s top ways to make your bed warmer.


ways to make your bed warmer 


Bundle up to make your bed warmer

Having a cold body can distract from sleeping and cause issues with waking up several times throughout the night, which is why it is important to wrap up warm before getting into bed. One of the best materials for keeping in warmth is silk.

Those who feel uncomfortable wearing lots of layers to bed at night should keep warm, thick clothes on their bedside table to grab in the night in case of any midnight cold spells. 


bed warmer


Move your bed

The placement of your bed may be affecting how warm you feel during the night. If your bed is near a window, even if it is double glazed, the cold from outside can seep through and affect your sleep. Consider moving it to the other side of the room instead for a cosier night.


Hot milky nightcap 

To warm yourself before bed time, get into the routine of having a warm milky drink in the evening. Not only will the drink warm you from the inside, but milk contains tryptophan which helps the body prepare for sleep. 


Bedroom heating to make your bed warmer

Once it gets dark outside, shut your blinds and curtains to keep warmth in in the hours leading up to your bedtime. 

When it comes to turning the heating on, if possible keep it to your bedroom only – and make sure all doors are closed with no drafts from other areas of your home. This way, when it comes to getting into bed you will have a heated room to enhance your night’s sleep


Hot water bottle 

Save on energy and warm up your body in bed by using a hot water bottle. The heat created from the water bottle can also aid a relaxing night’s sleep, as the warmth circulates blood flow and improves blood flow around the body. Try also placing it into your bed while you have a shower and get ready to sleep, as it will warm up your mattress and duvet ready for you to jump in and head off to sleep.


Make your bed warmer with Fluffy socks 

Our feet and hands can become cold much more quickly than other parts of the body, which is why warming them up is important for a warm night. Thermal, chunky or fluffy socks are great for keeping warmth in. 


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