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6 Most Amazing Modern Buildings in the UK


The UK has stunning architecture. London, Liverpool, Manchester, etc, have incredible structures dating back over 100 years. And then there’s the new. Modern architecture in the UK is almost overwhelming – the designs test the boundaries of engineering.

Below, we’ve created a list of six of the most magnificent buildings in the UK built within the last ten years.


The Shard, London

The Shard is the tallest building in London. Standing at 309.6 metres high, it dominates the London skyline. It isn’t tricky to spot – the unique pyramidal shape rising above everything else is hard to miss. And it’s more than just a tall building. This vertical city has offices, restaurants, and a hotel (a pricey one).

The design and engineering is astounding. Taking three years to build (finishing in 2012) and costing £435 million, it’s one of London’s most breathtaking buildings.

It’s one of the most-visited attractions in London. Tickets for a trip up The Shard are £35 for general entry.


The V&A Dundee, Scotland

The V&A Dundee opened in 2018. It’s arguably one of the most unique structures in Scotland. It’s also the first building in the UK to be Designed by Kengo Kuma – an architect renowned for his artistic vision. The exterior resembles a ship pointing towards the River Tay – Kengo Kuma designed the structure to symbolise Dundee’s maritime history. But the design was no easy task.

Taking 3.5 years and costing £80.1 million, Kuma had to navigate challenges like understanding water flow and strategically using precast retaining walls to create a solid foundation.


NEO Bankside, London

Back to London. The NEO Bankside is adjacent to the Tate Modern. The construction finished in 2012 and instantly became a new take on apartment design. Its striking external bracing system and winter gardens for each apartment set it apart are unique to the NEO Bankside. Taking five years from planning to complete construction and costing £132 million to build, it’s one of the more expensive apartment blocks in London.


Library of Birmingham

The Library in Birmingham is, by far, the most unique building in the city. It’s difficult to describe the design other than a geometric marvel. The library opened in 2013 after taking three years to build and costing £188.8 million.

With its interlocking metal rings and expansive glass facade, the design is supposed to represent an open book – whether it does, you decide.


Bloomberg London

Bloomberg’s European headquarters reside in London. The build was completed in 2017 after taking almost a decade to design and complete and costing £1bn. It quickly became a pioneer in environmental sustainability. Again, from the outside, the building is nothing to rave about. But the inside is a spectacle. The sweeping curves create a unique flow.

Bloomberg was awarded for its innovative design. It uses natural ventilation and water conservation systems, revolutionising how modern office buildings can minimise their ecological footprint.


Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

The Everyman in Liverpool remained closed in 2014 when renovations were completed – now it’s one of the most popular theatres in the city. The unique design point is the life-sized portraits of Liverpool residents from Liverpool on the outside of the building. The building itself isn’t particularly captivating in terms of size or structure, but the unique take on bringing the community into the building makes it special.

These six structures are symbols of modern innovation and cultural evolution in the UK. As we move into a new era of architecture, these six structures will undoubtedly continue to inspire and shape the landscape of British architecture for years to come.






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