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6 reasons why student life in Bristol just got better

With Bristol being a major city in the UK that hosts several university campuses and colleges, you will find that there is a great demand for student accommodation.  In cities like Bristol this could be a pretty large expenditure therefore shopping around and getting the best deal is important.  Bristol is also an extremely reliable in terms of transportation links as it has great bus and train services. 

Students in Bristol now also have the option of using a full package accommodation service that caters specifically for those studying in the area.

Here are some of the appealing things about this specific option.


6 reasons why student life in bristol just got better


Bristol boasts some top of the range accommodation options with the apartments offered by Collegiate. Their private student accommodation offers a luxury sanctuary forstudents who want to get away from crowded on-site halls. Located in central spots and boasting premium features, student life has been made better than ever before thanks to their offerings. You should have a look at Collegiate for more information if this accommodation option appeals to you.


The good thing about this sort of accommodation option is that you will be around others that have the exact same agenda as yourself – they are all students.  Only people who are registered as students will be able to have the opportunity to benefit from one of these accommodation types.  This will include students of all ages registered at one of the local college or universities.  You then also have the opportunity to mingle and socialise with people with the same interests as you (or who are even at the same college/university).


If you are looking for the cheapest and most basic option then this may not be for you.  Although it is seen as a cost effective way to get student accommodation Bristol based, the quality of this is at the upper end.  The rooms are spacious and have the correct furnishings to also allow you to study.  You will find that these rooms are to the higher spec as to what you would normally expect to see.


When booking via a company like Collegiate – look out for any extras that you may receive.  This includes things such as wellbeing packs included in your rental price.  In addition to this you will find that the Collegiate accommodation in Bristol includes things such as a cinema room, common room and even a gym.  These are all included in the price and not only assists in you keeping fit and healthy at no extra cost but allows areas for you to socialise.

Student Education / Career Support

You will gain instant access to career or education support in these places.  Whether you plan to continue your studies further or actually leave education and get into employment, there will be support onsite at convenient hours to help you make the correct decision and support with this thereafter.


If you do not have the up-front funds then there are options available to you to ensure you still get into this accommodation.  Unfortunately it is a sad fact that most students leave education with a significant amount of debt therefore it is important to look at all finance options carefully to make sure that you don’t get yourself into trouble.

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