6 Reasons you Need to Stop Eating at Night

Today – Reasons you Need to Stop Eating at Night

Reasons you Need to Stop Eating at Night, an explntion of why and how eating at night is bad for you rhealth and wellbeing and what to do instead #eatwell #healthtips #healthysleep #sleeptips#


Reasons you Need to Stop Eating at Night

There are so many valid reasons you need to stop eating at night

Whether it is a pizza at 11 pm or a bag of chips to go along with your midnight Netflix binge, eating late at night has become a part of our lives. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but it turns out, eating late after the sun sets can have a major impact on different aspects of your health.

If you’re guilty of this, keep reading, because we’ve highlighted 6 important reasons you need to stop doing so.


Better Sleep

Several studies have revealed how it is best to avoid eating at least an hour before bedtime, since eating late at night may influence dreams, most of which tend to be bizarre, weird and even disturbing. Plus, the late night eating can also make you more likely to suffer from digestive discomfort, which may sometimes, cause sleeping difficulties.


Reasons you Need to Stop Eating at Night – Improved Digestion

Eating right before bed or indulging in some late night snacking impacts your digestive system the most. Apart from increasing the levels of inflammatory markers in the body, it also makes you feel hungrier the next day when you wake up, and you’ll also be more likely to suffer from acid reflux.


Enhanced Memory

This may sound surprising, but yes, late night eating also has a considerable impact on your memory. Several studies have linked it to deficits in learning and other memory processes. This, combined with the cognitive impact that staying awake till late in the night has, all in all, makes it an undesirable effect for everyone from growing children to adults.


Better Blood Sugar Regulation

The body regulates blood sugar levels least effectively during the night, and that’s exactly why late night snacking – especially foods that have high glycemic index, can cause blood sugar regulation problems. Infact, it also tends to alter the levels of insulin, glucagon and leptin in the blood, all of which play a key role in maintaining optimum blood glucose levels and impact how hungry you feel.


Better Heart Health is one of the Reasons you Need to Stop Eating at Night

Eating late at night- basically when you’re out of sync with your circadian rhythms, can affect the way your body metabolizes lipids, which in turn, can increase the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in your blood, turning out to be a problem for your heart health. Infact, some initial findings have also linked late dinners to an increased risk of having a heart attack, and these dinners were also found to have a very negative impact on your blood pressure levels while you’re asleep.


Reduced Weight Gain – more Reasons you Need to Stop Eating at Night

Eating late at night has been directly linked to weight gain. This is because when you eat late at night, your body metabolizes more carbs and less of fats, which directly causes weight gain. In addition, this can also wreck havoc with your hormonal system, and you’ll end up feeling hungrier when you wake up the next day, which again, impacts your weight negatively.


All in all, timing your meals poorly tends to have a negative effect on you and your body, and in contrast, having a healthy breakfast that’s packed with nutrients and going easy on your portions during dinner can help!


Are you struggling to get to sleep?

The NHS have some great tips on how to get to sleep  




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