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6 Top Tips for Fixing Up Your Bathroom

Tips for fixing up your bathroom – lets take a look at 6 of the best.

Tips for Fixing Up Your Bathroom

Top Tips for Fixing Up Your Bathroom

Are you looking for top tips for fixing up your bathroom?

A great bathroom is a sanctuary from the stresses of life. Whether you’re a shower person or love a nice bath, you want your bathroom to be a soothing place where you can wash and bathe away your troubles. After all, a bathroom is we spend a lot of time naked (literally and emotionally).


Tips for Fixing Up Your Bathroom

tips for fixing up your bathroom


As well as all that, a bathroom should also be beautiful because it’s one of the only rooms in the home that guests will visit alone.

You want your bathroom to say good things about you and to be a relaxing space for both you and your visitors. None of that is going to be the case if it’s broken, worn down, or badly-styled.

Still, fixing up your bathroom is no mean feat. You’ll need a keen eye, hard work, a bit of spare cash and some reliable, professional plumbing work. None of that will come easy but, if you know what you’re doing, it will be a lot easier than you think. So here are six top tips for getting it right.

6 Top Tips for Fixing Up Your Bathroom

 1. Set a Realistic Budget – tips for fixing up your bathroom

Though there are many quick, cheap and easy things you can do to make your home a nicer place, there are few shortcuts when it comes to fixing up your bathroom. It’s one thing to put up your own bedroom shelf but, when it comes to bathrooms, professional plumbing is a must.

Which?, the independent price checker, has put together a handy guide detailing how much different types of bathroom fitting might cost. It’s only intended as a rough guide.

However, if you know your stuff before you contact someone, you can make sure you’re getting a competitive price. Once you have all that information, you can put together a realistic budget. Based on that, you can decide whether to move forward.


 2. Set a Realistic Timescale – tips for fixing up your bathroom

You might not have a working shower or toilet for a while; that can happen if you don’t plan your bathroom project well in advance. Creating a realistic timescale and a proper schedule should go hand-in-hand with planning your budget, as they’re both just as important. Remember that asking for advice or getting a quote is not the same as committing to the project. Get all the information you need before you do anything.

tips for fixing up your bathroom


3. Know What You Want – tips for fixing up your bathroom

Do you want your whole bathroom refitted? Do you want a new sink? Or do you just want your shower fixed? Knowing what you want your finished bathroom to look like is a vital first step. Your vision may have to change as you get a more realistic idea of your budget and your schedule. If you want the bathroom of your dreams but have the bank account of your nightmares, maybe now isn’t a good time to do it.

Only you know whether you’re willing to compromise or whether you’re willing to wait until you have the right schedule and the right budget. Having a clear idea of what you want means you won’t be swayed by pushy sales tactics or last-minute emergencies.

4. Let’s Talk About Those DIY Skills

Don’t doubt yourself, but don’t be overconfident either. Can a complete amateur fit their own toilet seat? Yes. Can a complete amateur put down their own tiling? Possibly. Can an amateur gut their existing bath and shower and install a brand new one? Definitely not.

tips for fixing up your bathroom

5. Professional Plumbing – tips for fixing up your bathroom

This is where that realistic budget comes in. Yes, there are some things in your bathroom you might be able to do yourself. However, you need to be honest: are you a professional plumber? Do you know how to do a professional plumbing job?

If your flooring isn’t 100% right or your toilet seat is a tad wonky, you’ll live. It’ll be annoying, but you’ll live. Bad plumbing, however, is the very last thing you want in your bathroom. A toilet that doesn’t flush, a sink that constantly clogs, cold water that won’t turn hot; you might find yourself paying more to fix the problems you created than professional plumbing would have cost in the first place.

 6. …And Finally, Don’t Neglect the Other Jobs!

A bathroom isn’t just plumbing; you need the right person for every job. Sometimes, the right person is you, but oftentimes it’s not. For a bathroom refitting, you might well need professional electrical services, a builder, or both. It all depends on the size of your project and what you want.
Like so much else in life, the key to this is research. If you really want a new bathroom, you’ll find that a lot of the research becomes a passion, rather than a chore. Okay, so the nitty-gritty details might get frustrating, but researching interior design trends can be pretty exciting.

Doing so will help you picture what your bathroom is going to look like and how it’s going to feel when it’s all done. Budgets and timetabling are important, but it’s equally as important to always keep the overall goal in mind — a perfect, zen bathroom — because, when the work gets tough, that’s what will help to push you forward.


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