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6 Top Tourist Attractions In London

London is a bustling city that has something for every person. If you’re interested in the past, art, or culture or simply exploring the city’s numerous attractions There’s plenty to explore do, and see in London.

Here are six of the most popular places to go for tourists in London. You can also purchase London Tour Packages to allow you to travel as you wish.

6 Top Tourist Attractions In London



Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, the formal palace and the administrative headquarters of the queen’s reigning monarch is a well-known tourist attraction. It is situated in Westminster the United Kingdom’s capital. Buckingham Palace is one of the most well-known buildings in London and is the site of ceremonies like the Changing of the Guard, the most awaited celebration and pomp.

In the reign of Queen Victoria, the palace was constructed in 1837 and served as the royal family’s residence. One method to determine whether Queen Victoria is in the palace is to observe the flagpole on the highest point in the palace.


Tower Bridge

A display located at The Tower Bridge explains how the largest and most well-known bridge is constructed, as well as the history of its construction of it. The bridge also has panoramic perspectives of London on display. There is also a panoramic view of the city. Tower Bridge is a hybrid suspension and bascule bridge located in London that runs along the River Thames and was erected in 1886. It is located near London’s Tower of London and has recently been recognized as a symbol of the city.

It is worth a visit to the Tower Bridge Museum and has some of the most thrilling documents and exhibits that will describe the history of the bridge, as well as the reasons for its construction. It has a glass-floored walkway that offers a unique visitor experience. It is also possible to enjoy an amazing panoramic view.


Top Tourist Attractions In London

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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey in the City of Westminster is a historic one-hundred-year-old World Heritage Site and one of the most regal and famous religious institutions. It is renowned for hosting coronations, weddings, and burial grounds of English as well as British monarchs in the past. It is situated on the western shore of the River Thames.

Westminster Abbey attracts over a million people every year and is considered to be one of the top churches worldwide. It is situated near other famous London attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace along with The Palace of Westminster. It was established in the year 960 AD.


London Eye

The Coca-Cola London Eye, which is situated in the middle of London, can be called the city’s pulsing heart. It gracefully turns over the River Thames, directly across from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. The London Eye is one of the biggest Ferris wheels situated on the South Bank of the River Thames in London, the capital of England. It’s often referred to by its nickname, the Millennium Wheel.

It is a towering 443-foot structure with a diameter of 394 feet. It was constructed in 2000 to celebrate the millennium celebrations in London and is the most giant observation wheel in Europe. Once it has reached the top it offers spectacular views of the city. London eye’s glass capsules offer visitors stunning perspectives of London. Book Your London Eye Tickets Now  


Top Tourist Attractions In London


“Big Ben” and the Parliament

Big Ben is the name for The Great Bell of the clock situated at the northern part of the Palace of Westminster. The official name of the building can be Elizabeth Tower, which is also known as the clock tower.

It’s situated just across the street adjacent to the Houses of Parliament. The majority of visitors recognize Big Ben as a well-known landmark, located in London. Since 1859, it’s been chiming 116 floors higher than the ground which makes it the most famous clock in the world. It’s also the second-largest four-faced chiming clock in all the world.

A trip to the famous Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower is only feasible if the individual meets the British government’s criteria and has any type of contact with the government.


British Museum – Top Tourist Attractions In London

The British Museum, which opened in 1753, is among the city’s most impressive tourist attractions with an impressive collection of over two million years in human time. It is a unique collection of the world’s riches in culture all under one roof.

The British Museum, in London, is a museum that is dedicated to the human story and culture as well as art. It’s located in the city’s Bloomsbury neighborhood. It houses more than 8 million objects and is known as one of the most extensive museums. It has details from every continent and tracks the development of humanity from the beginning until the present.

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