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6 Ways To Add Colour To Your Indoor Décor

Ways To Add Colour To Your Indoor Décor

Many homeowners love doing touch-ups from here to there to anywhere in their homes. It gives them joy, a sense of control, and the freedom to liven up their space whenever they want. They also love to do major home projects and renovations every once in a while. This is because it gives them a chance to switch up their rooms and redo them into something new to their eyes.

Aside from renovations, as a homeowner, you can also enhance your home by adding more colours. Colour sets your home’s mood and tone. If you go for brighter colours, for instance, they can make your home look more energetic and enthusiastic. If you go for semi-neutral ones, they can turn your space into a relaxing and calming home. Regardless of how you use colours in your interiors, they can easily freshen up your space and make it feel almost entirely new. 

If you’re thinking of using colours more wisely now, here are six unique ways to add colours to your indoor decorations and breathe new life into your home by purely using colours.  


Ways To Add Colour To Your Indoor Décor

  • Add Flowers

Bring mother nature indoors by adding vibrant and colourful flowers into your home. Flowers are perhaps the most versatile way of incorporating colours into your indoor décor. There are endless selections of flowers out there for you to choose from. Plus, you can also choose a variety of flowers based on the season of the year.  

For instance, if you’re into tulips for this week, schedule yourself for a tulips bouquet delivery and arrange these flowers into your vases, hanging planters, flower baskets, and more. If you feel like adding a little more romance to your home, add those chic red and pink roses everywhere. Whether you choose to group them in one space or ornate them in every corner of your house, flowers can instantly turn your space into a colourful haven. So, see your favourite florist and ask for recommendations about the best flowers to play with for the week.


  • Jazz Up Your Staircase

You may think you’re forever stuck with a staircase that’s getting pretty bleak over the years. Never neglect your stairs because you can turn that empty canvas into an artful space that’ll liven up your hallway. 

You can paint your stairs with colourful patterns, floral designs, or even words. You can also try imprinting different quotes from known people on each step or assorted colours for a rainbow finish. If you’re thinking of changing them every season or holiday, you can use adhesive stickers to decorate your stairs and simply remove them if you’re planning to try another colour.


  • Hang Artworks – Ways To Add Colour To Your Indoor Décor

Brighten up your empty walls by hanging colourful framed prints, paintings, and artworks. You don’t need those expensive collections of artworks to pull this off. If you’re a painter, make use of your own paintings and show them off on your walls. Otherwise, plenty of artworks are sold in malls that are made to amplify your home’s mood.

Artworks and framed prints are also used to make a statement and add an accent to your living room. Art is simply the best way to put texture and a colourful personality into your home.


  • Accessorize

Another way to instantly add colour to your interiors is by changing your home accessories. Change those plain one-coloured toss pillows and throw blankets you have in the living room into patterned ones, and make sure you do this regularly. For a quick and easy burst of colour into your living room, you can use shaped colours, floral designs, or mix and match patterns for your pillows.

This may seem like a tiny change, but it’s actually strong enough to dramatically change your room’s mood. Make sure to keep a few more spares of them so you can quickly change your throw blankets and pillows every season or whenever you feel like it.


Ways To Add Colour To Your Indoor Décor


  • Spread Colour Under Your Feet – Ways To Add Colour To Your Indoor Décor

One way to make your home look happier is by using colourful and cosy rugs under your feet. Rugs are already known to add comfort and security for you and your family. But aside from that fact, you can also use rugs to brighten and glow up your home by choosing patterned, striped, and coloured rugs instead of the plain and neutral ones. This will surely add an accent to your living room.


  • Play With Your Drapes

Whether you go for patterned or one-coloured drapes, they’re surely beneficial when it comes to making a room look more polished. Look for colours that’ll make your drapes stand out among the neutral colours you may already have in your interior. You can also go for similar shades to reverberate a particular theme for your décor.


Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a way to add more colour into your life, use one of these tips above to enlighten your homes. You don’t always need major renovations and home projects to enhance your interior’s beauty and ambience. All you need is a touch of few colours in your home, and in an instant, you’ll be served with a fresh redo of your living space.


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