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6 Easy Ways to Host a Party for Vegans

A look at 6 Ways to Host a Party for Vegans and what you n would need to consider


Ways to Host a Party for Vegans

Ways to Host a Party for Vegans


Whether you’re having a party or a holiday gathering with friends and family. Hosting a vegan party is much easier and more accepted by people all over the world. With veganism constantly growing in popularity, it is likely to know someone who is meat and dairy-free. 


Ways to Host a Party for Vegans

When hosting a vegan party, you don’t even have to mention to your meat-loving friends that there will be no meat, eggs, dairy, or even honey at your party. As long as your food is delicious, yummy, and hearty enough, your friends may not even notice. If you’re new to vegan dining, this is a great place to start. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hosting your very own vegan party.



Ask in advance about food allergies

Since your party is vegan, it is important to know if your guests might have any allergies. If any of your guests are allergic to gluten, nuts, or soy, you need to be aware of it. By doing so, you will avoid someone falling ill, and also your guest doesn’t remain hungry throughout your party.


Understand vegan eating

Vegans do not eat meat or any animal products which means fish, eggs, dairy are all off the table. When planning your menu, aim to cook food that is naturally vegan or food that can easily be made vegan. For instance, taking the cheese off the top of a dish. If you’re doing this for the first time, keep it simple and do not overdo it.

Those more experienced are more able to adapt recipes with animal products and turn them into vegan dishes – they may even add vegan protein powder to give it added nutritional weight. You can find out more about that here


Pick Vegan Alcohol

Most alcohol is derived from plants but it is the filtering and manufacturing process you need to be aware of. There are many alcohols that are filtered with the help of egg whites or gelatin. So it is a good idea to do a little bit of research about the drinks you will be offering to stay in sync with your party theme.

The good news is that most hard drinks are completely vegan and you can easily start off your party with some delicious cocktails.


A Scrumptious Appetizer

Dips are an excellent way to start your party. They are very easy to make and yet there are so many different combinations that you can try. You can literally make a dip out of almost anything and it is important to get the consistency right. By putting this out as an appetizer, your guests can nibble from the moment they arrive. Your guests can enjoy your dips with toasted vegan bread, carrots, celery, and so much more.


Plant-based protein

It’s easy to be excited about the vegetables no matter where you are eating at. But the protein will make sure everyone at the table leaves satisfied. Vegan proteins include beans and legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, and whole grain.


Ways to Host a Party for Vegans


An Excellent Dessert

Desserts are the crowning moment of any party. Ending your party on a high note is great rather than just serving a basic sweet dish. The goal is to avoid eggs, dairy and use natural vegan ingredients. There many blogs and videos online that can take inspiration from and create a great dessert.

Most blogs have step-by-step procedures with the right measurements that will be very beneficial for your party. You can also look out for vegan home bakers or bakeries if baking isn’t your forte.

With so many different diets out there such as Paleo, vegetarian, and pescatarian. So as a host it can be confusing to know what your guests can or can not eat. Crisco shortening has been gaining popularity once again ever since the 2007 zero trams policy. Some of you may wonder is Crisco shortening healthy or is it vegan? Here is an interesting take and a guide on Crisco shortening.

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Final thoughts on Ways to Host a Party for Vegans

Remember whatever you do, be true to yourself and do what you love. If you are looking to try something new, give yourself time and practice that dish. Flex your cooking skills a couple of weeks before and see how it turns out! 


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