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7 beauty essentials for a trip

Today – beauty essentials for a trip


beauty essentials for a trip


7 beauty essentials for a trip

So what do you put in your toiletry bag and make-up bag when you travel?

I have so many beauty products in my cupboards and it is fair to say I do love them all! So what to take when you are travelling. Hmm. It can be hard to prioritise can’t it.

Some items though are essential. here is what I would definitely include

1) Cleansing wipes or a flannel. No matter whether it is a city trip or a beach trip you will need to wash away the grime/sand from the day whether you prefer a hot flannel or a cleansing wipe I would advise you do take something with you to make sure your face is super clean and your pores do not get blocked.

2) I would also take a moisturiser. Air con and sunshine, and just the act of travelling on a plane can all really dry out the skin and leave it parched. A light but a nourishing moisturiser will keep it hydrated and soft and keep those lines at bay.

3) Toothbrush and toothpaste and mouthwash.  Always so important to have squeaky clean teeth and breath and you may want to keep these on you. Often abroad, food has stronger smells and tastes and you may want to freshen your breath after each meal rather than just twice a day.

4) Any specialist skincare products. I like to use an eye serum to fight my eye lines and a neck moisturiser to fight the signs of ageing. No matter what your specialist skincare product do take it with you. Your acne, for example, is not going to just go away because you are in the sun..in fact, it may even flare-up. So do keep up normal routines. Do stock up and find travel-sized products before you go form stores like this

5) Your make up bag. You may want to pare it down before you go. You may want to go au naturel whilst you are away but you will certainly be glad you packed it if you fancy a night out and want to get dressed up.

6) Sunscreen – it protects you from harmful rays burning and age lines. This is essential for your trip. Extra tip: I always look at my organic sunscreen options and try to use those first!

7)Aftersun and moisturiser – not only will it prolong your tan and cool you down but it will leave your skin radiant and super soft.


Over to you ….

Have I missed off anything off this list of beauty essentials for a trip? Do you think I should have included anything else? If so do drop me a comment below and I will squeeze it in.

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