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7 Best Christmas Decor Trends We Expect To See This Year

Christmas decor trends are always such a delight.

As the year advances, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming holiday season. There’s a buzz in the air, with Christmas lights being dusted off, fairy tales spun around fireplaces, and family gatherings that warm our hearts. As always, with a new year comes fresh, innovative trends in Christmas décor that add a modern touch to our traditional festivities. Here’s what we predict will set the tone for Yuletide celebrations in homes across the UK.


Christmas Decor Trends

1. Sustainable Decorations: Going Green

This year, there’s a noticeable shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable decorations. As concerns over environmental impacts grow, many are choosing biodegradable, recycled, or upcycled materials for their holiday décor. Think of handmade wreaths from fallen branches, dried fruits as ornaments, and organic fabrics for stockings. These not only look aesthetically pleasing but also promote a message of responsible celebration.

2. Nordic Inspiration: Simplicity and Elegance

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian designs, there’s a trend towards minimalistic and functional decorations. Soft hues of white, beige, and grey combined with natural wood elements exemplify this style. Candle holders carved out of birch logs, simple white porcelain ornaments, and muted fairy lights draped gracefully around windows encapsulate this elegant yet understated theme.

3. Vibrant Jewel Tones

Moving away from the traditional reds and greens, expect to see jewel tones dominating the festive scene. Deep emerald, rich ruby, and opulent sapphire shades are making a statement in Christmas ornaments, table settings, and even tree skirts. These colours add depth and a luxurious touch to the interiors, ensuring that the festivities feel regal.

4. Vintage Returns: Old is Gold

There’s something innately heartwarming about Christmas that makes us nostalgic. This year, vintage Christmas decor is making a significant comeback. Brass candle holders, antique baubles, and old-fashioned fairy lights are expected to adorn many a household. People are rummaging through their attics and flea markets to find those perfect pieces that bring a touch of the past into the present.

5. Personal Touches: Making It Your Own

More than ever, people are seeking out decorations that feel uniquely theirs. This is where personalised Christmas baubles come into play. With the ability to have names, dates, or even little messages inscribed, these baubles offer a way to make the holiday season even more special. Beyond baubles, expect to see custom-made stockings, tree skirts, and even advent calendars.

6. Interactive Decorations: Playful and Engaging

This year, it’s not just about looking good – it’s about having fun too! Interactive decorations, like advent calendars with little pockets of activities, puzzles or DIY ornament kits, and even trees that play carols upon touch, are trending. These are perfect for homes with little ones, ensuring that the festive decor is not just for display but also engages and entertains.

7. Metallic Accents: Shimmer and Shine

While metallics have always been a part of the festive décor, this year they’re expected to play a more dominant role. From shimmering table runners and glinting tree ornaments to sparkling wall hangings and candle holders – golds, silvers, and rose gold hues make a dazzling statement.

Christmas Decor Trends In Conclusion

Christmas is a time of joy, warmth, and coming together. This year’s decor trends, while adding a modern touch, focus largely on sustainability, personalisation, and evoking feelings of nostalgia. Whether you’re opting for the minimalistic Nordic style or going all out with vibrant jewel tones, the key is to create an environment that feels festive, welcoming, and uniquely yours. Embrace the trends, but don’t forget to sprinkle in personal touches – after all, Christmas is all about making memories with loved ones.

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