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7 Cool Things to Do in Havana

Cool Things to Do in Havana

Cool Things to Do in Havana

Are you looking for cool things to do in Havana?

Beautiful and culturally stimulating, Cuba’s capital has so much to offer to its visitors. If you’re planning a trip here soon, you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do and explore.

Keep reading to discover 7 of the best things you should do while you’re here.


Hang Out at The Malecón

Being the main waterfront in Havana, Malecón is one of the best places to catch a sunset and spend a relaxing evening. It is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in the city to visit, and if you stay back until later, you’ll be surprised at how the place quickly transforms into an open club where everyone from locals to tourists come to socialize, eat and have a merry time.


Stroll Through Havana’s Old Town

Also known as Havana Vieja, Havana’s Old Town is another place worth visiting on your trip here. It might have become a huge tourist spot now, but that shouldn’t keep you from going there. You’ll find the famous capitol building while you’re here, good restaurants and little souvenir shops!


Explore Viñales

Got some more time and don’t mind shelling out some extra cash? Get yourself to Viñales where you can discover the tobacco fields- it can be quite an interesting experience to learn more about them. Plus, you’ll also find some caves there that you can explore, and click some amazing Instagram worthy photos!


Listen to Some Music on the Streets

You don’t need to get to a good bar in Havana if you want to listen to some good music! Almost every popular tourist spots will have you close enough to someone playing the guitar or shaking a maraca!

Things to Do in Havana

Visit the Crumbling Buildings

Get yourself to the middle of the city to visit the Crumbling Buildings- those that date back to the 50s. Each of these buildings have a story behind them, and they were actually pretty beautiful back then.


Zoom Around in a 1950’s Convertible

Cuba is well known for its collection of antique cars straight back from the 50s, and what could be a better time than this to rent one, get into it, and zoom around, exploring the city. A quick tip though- avoid opting for the ones you’ll find at the airport- they tend to be a teeny bit pricey.

Cool Things to Do in Havana

Enjoy your Meal at Casa Paladares

Eating out at Havana can be a bit tricky- you’ll find restaurants run by the government, and then those that are run by locals. The local run restaurants at Casa Paladares, which live on their reputation of putting out great food, that may not exactly be at subsidized rates, but they’ll be worth it!


Cool Things to Do in Havana


Whatever you decide I know you will find lots of cool things to do in Havana – the lonely planet guide to Havana has many more


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