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7 cool things to do in Marbella

Cool things to do in Marbella

What do you know about Marbella? I have to say I knew very little, I suppose I just thought of it as a place to party.

A little research, however, and I have a wealth of new ideas of fabulous things to do and see in Marbella and it is now firmly on my list of places my family and I would love to visit.


7 fabulous things to do in Marbella

1) An hour’s drive from Marbella you can find the rock of Gibraltar and taking a boat around the rock you will see a pod of 20 and to 30 dolphins and sometimes they bring their babies too. How incredible does that sound!

2) Marbella is the place for golf enthusiasts there are over 100 golf courses and a whole host of golf tournaments,

3) Culture and history abound – The oldest church in Marbella, the Iglesia de la Encarnacion it dates from the 16th-century and is really ornate with a variety of architectural styles throughout.   Well worth a visit for history buffs and architectural lovers too.

4) Canyoning is really popular in Marbella and a great way to investigate the Marbella nature and wildlife. Not sure what it is? Well, canyoning involves making your way down a river gorge, by slipping and sliding down the natural water slides, jumping into deep natural pools, and abseiling down waterfalls and swimming..so not for the fainthearted but a truly fabulous way to explore.

5) The weather is great. Marbella is on the Costa del Sol on Southern Spain’s Mediterranean coast so it has lots of warm weather across Spring through to Autumn.  Marbella is sheltered by the  Sierra Blanca mountain range and this gives it slightly warmer temperatures too. Toasty!

6) A visit to the La Concha mountain is a real treat. It stands 1200 metres above sea level. It is absolutely perfect for hiking and watching the sunset. La Concha means shell in Spanish and the mountain is so-called because of its shell shape.

7) Bounty beach is considered one of Marbella’s best-kept secrets, it has banana and palm trees, chilled out music and a hip and relaxed vibe. Shhh,  don’t tell anyone!

Where to stay?

So where to stay in Marbella? Well because it is such a cool place to visit with so much to see and do lots of people end up buying. There are some excellent properties to be found  You can check out AltaVista Property Marbella and especially  Apartments for sale Calahonda These are completely stunning and with Marbella having so much too offer they are really tempting too.

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  1. Thomas
    August 21, 2018 / 6:54 am

    A visit to the La Concha mountain is a real treat. It stands 1200 metres above sea level. It is absolutely perfect for hiking and watching the sunset

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