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7 Essential Packing Tips for a Stress-Free House Move

Moving house is often an exciting time, but it doesn’t go without saying that it can be stressful too. In this article, we’re going to run through seven essential packing tips for a stress-free house move.

Moving home can provide you with a fresh start, but whether it’s your first time or your 5th, it can become very hectic. But before you start to worry about the big day, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are ways to make the process as smooth sailing as possible.  

In the UK, the average time to move house is 11 weeks, but depending on your circumstances, it could potentially take up to 21 weeks, if not more. Understandably, the last thing anyone wants once you’ve got the keys in your hand is a stressful and timely move on top of that.

So to make your move stress-free and quick, keep reading for the seven essential packing tips…


Packing Tips for a Stress-Free House Move


1.   Label Your Boxes

This could be one of those tips which come across as “obvious,” but you would be surprised at the sheer amount of people who forget to do this.

As you can expect, not labelling your boxes means that once you reach your new property, you won’t know where anything is or what room they should be placed in. The easiest way to label your moving boxes is as follows:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom

There are many other ways you could decide to label your moving boxes, such as colour coding labels, priority coding, number coding and item coding.

This tip also leads to our next essential tip and is exactly why you should label your boxes to make moving house even easier.

2.   Move The Correct Boxes Into The Relevant Room

When you label your boxes, it provides you with the ability to put the correct ones into the room that they’re meant for. This means nothing is in the wrong place and helps to make the process of unpacking far easier.

3.   Take Sufficient Time Off Work

You may think you have enough time in the evenings and weekends to prepare for the big day, but if this is your first time moving out, it might come as a shock how long moving out can take.  

Let us not forget how exhausting and energy-draining moving house is too, especially on top of working a full-time job. As well as things such as, looking after children and going about your usual day-to-day activities.

4.   Make Lists

If you love being organised and making lists is what you do best, then formulating lists when moving home is essential to keep stress to a minimum.

Moving home involves a lot of things, so making a list can help you to have a far easier process. A list allows you to have everything you need to know written down. This could be where you can find high-priority items that are boxed up and what time the removal company are coming. As well as things such as, what you need to have packed separately for the first night, etc.

Reallymoving has a helpful checklist to make sure you forget nothing when moving, including every step of the process, not just the actual move.  

5.   Hire Removal People

Sometimes one of the best and only ways to make your life simpler and less stressful when you’re moving home is by hiring a removals firm to do the job for you.

Some of the services that removal companies will usually offer include:

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Dismantling and assembling furniture
  • Moving

Comparemymove gives some insight into whether it’s worth hiring a removal company.


Packing Tips for a Stress-Free House Move

6.   Pre-Pack in Advance

Pre-packing in advance may not always be suitable because there are going to be certain things from your current home that you will need between moving from one to the other. But despite this, there are likely some objects in your home which you can do without for the time being, whether that is certain types of clothes, decorations, etc.

7.   Declutter Before The Big Day

While this doesn’t physically relate to the move, it does help to ensure that you have a relatively simple move, including during packing, moving and unpacking.

Our homes are often full of unnecessary and unwanted objects that we usually don’t even know we had sitting around, and worst of all, it’s likely collecting dust. Realistically you don’t need to bring this baggage to your new home. Start fresh with the items you know that you want.

Decluttering can also help you to raise some money to furnish your new home. If you have clothes you no longer wear or furniture, toys or something else you want to part with, you can sell them on many different websites, including eBay, Gumtree, Depop, Vinted, Facebook marketplace and much more.

For more guidance on decluttering, see reallymoving’s blog on 5 easy ways to purge your possessions.

Moving Home Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

What we can confirm from this article is that moving to a new home doesn’t need to feel like a stressful process. It can be made easier with the right tips and tricks, from decluttering your home, packing the non-essential in advance, hiring a removal company and more.

You want to make the most out of your house move. Moving home should be a treasured memory you can positively reflect back on, not a stressful experience you didn’t enjoy.  

How did you make moving home less stressful and more enjoyable? Let us know in the comment box below.


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