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7 Beautiful Flower Traditions Around the World

What do you know about flower traditions around the world?


Flower Traditions Around the World


The concept of flowers, having been cultivated for thousands of years, has become deeply intertwined with countless cultural traditions. In various regions of the world, from the dusty African plains to the verdant green pastures of Asia, floral arrangements bear certain meanings. Today, we’re exploring the flamboyance of flower traditions around the world  – hop on and visit seven unique corners of the world with us! 


Flower Traditions Around The World

There are plenty of traditions associated with flower gifting; each nation has an authentic interpretation of every flower and its meaning in a given situation. So, when choosing to send a floral composition while abroad, be wary of potential consequences: selecting the wrong bouquet can easily put you in an uncomfortable situation.


Flower Symbolism & Flower Traditions Around the World

The most popular flowers are the same in the majority of countries, meaning that roses, peonies, and orchids are the safest choices that never cease to impress the recipient: the latter universally represent beauty and charm and will make a wonderful gift almost anywhere in the world. For orchids delivery London is the ideal place with its high-quality services; it is preferable to order delivery (rather than transporting the flowers yourself) as it ensures the orchids are received in excellent shape. 


In South Africa, Christmas Requires Flowers

Under the scorching sun of South African desert plains, this – traditionally frosty – December holiday is celebrated differently from what most of us are used to. Flowers play a significant role during Christmas, being presented as gifts and used as vibrant decorations. Gentle hydrangeas, which bloom at this time of the year, are a common sight in local homes. 


In Mexico, Celebrate Life with Marigolds – Gorgeous Flower Traditions Around the World

A dazzling Mexican festival that juxtaposes life and death in an exuberant celebration isn’t complete without the sun-like marigolds: these yellow and orange flowers are a renowned staple of Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. According to tradition, the bright hues and the sweet fragrance guide the spirits to their homes – so don’t get surprised as you watch the streets of Mexico drowning in myriads of these flowers.



Flower Traditions Around the World


In Brazil, Flowers are a ‘Woman Thing’

Home to innumerable festivals and carnivals, Brazil is the one place in the world where flowers are always an incredible gift. This overwhelming love manifests itself in Brazil’s day-to-day traditions: it is a sweet and honourable gesture to bring a bouquet of gerberas to the hostess when visiting a family’s home as it demonstrates you being appreciative of her hospitality. Of course, floral arrangements are also commonly given to women on holidays and celebrations – the more colour, the better!


In Russia, count your roses – More Flower Traditions Around the World

In most parts of the globe, an arrangement with ten roses is likely to be interpreted as ‘Be mine.’ However, in Russia, it would have a vastly different meaning as bouquets with an even number of flowers represent mourning and sympathy for the grieving family. For this reason, remember to choose an odd number of stems when sending a bouquet as a holiday gift or surprise.


In Asia, Avoid Pot Plants

Countries of Asia are well-known for people’s disapproval of pot plants as suitable gifts. Many cultures would argue against this notion, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do – forget about potted flowers being the ultimate ‘go-to’ housewarming presents. Instead, opt for flowers in baskets and boxes; simple bouquets would suffice, too.


Flower Traditions Around the World


In China, Look for A Lucky Bamboo

The beloved symbol of luck, prosperity, and financial stability, bamboo is adored by the Chinese residents. Lucky bamboo is arguably everyone’s favourite: it can be gifted by itself or in combination with charms and ribbons to enhance its symbolic meaning. The lucky bamboo can even be decorated with peanuts, which traditionally represent continuous growth and healthy life.


Flower Traditions Around the World – In Japan, Remember the Day of the Cherry Blossom

Spring in Japan is all about the sakura, or cherry blossom. When the trees bloom with dainty rose-coloured flowers, the spring atmosphere finally begins to take hold. This time of year is particularly suitable for enjoying the warm weather and sending flowers to your loved ones. For a deeper meaning behind different sakura varieties, consult Hanakotoba, a unique flower language favoured by the Japanese.



FAQ: Flower Traditions Around the World

What are the busiest holidays for flower shops?

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter are the ultimate bouquet-giving events when flower shops are full to the brim with countless customers. To avoid the holiday craze, we suggest you purchase the flowers in advance.


What do flowers symbolise in different cultures?

The concept of a ‘flower language’ is popular among many nations, but the meanings behind some of the flowers drastically differ. While the florist’s daisies are recognised as symbols of friendship and happiness in the Western world, in Japan, they are placed on gravestones. A bouquet of 20 roses, fundamentally associated with romance in most cultures, is a frequent birthday present for 20-year-olds in Korea. On this note, be cautious when sending white flowers – in the Asian tradition, it is associated with the spiritual world, which makes them an inappropriate gift for living.


Where did the tradition of giving flowers begin?

To answer this question, we need to go back in time, to the ancient Greek empire. For the Greeks, flowers represented perfect offerings for the goddesses that were later transformed into presents for women, meant to express the depth of the emotional connection. 


Flower Traditions Around the World


Is there a national flower day? Flower Traditions Around the World deserve a day!

Most countries have a national day dedicated to flowers. In the UK, it’s March 21st – for the British, this holiday commemorates the arrival of spring. 


What were the floral trends of 2022?

2022 saw the return of straw and wildflowers into flower arrangements, embracing all things natural and organic. Another trend inspired us to go bright and bold with the bouquets by including more vibrant hues in the arrangements, embracing all things natural and organic. Another trend inspired us to go bright and bold with the bouquets by including more vibrant hues in the arrangements. Finally, minimalism was also a big hit for 2022, encouraging simple compositions.

Flower Traditions Around the World are always worth celebrating!


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