7 gifts that will really cheer someone up

7 gifts that will really cheer someone up

When you have a friend that feels blue it can sometimes be really difficult to know what to do for the best in regard to cheering them up. It can feel a bit like whatever you do is just superficial and will not really make a difference.

But actually that isn’t the case ..some gifts give much more than others. Let’s have a look at 7 lovely gifts that really can do a fabulous cheer up job.

Here are some of the very best cheer up presents I can think off:

1) An apple tree. Martin Luther said ‘Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would end tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree.’ Planting an apple tree is about planting hope in the future and it makes a wonderful gift. Having something else to care for and nurture can often make people feel better. It brings them out of themselves a little and a little gardening and fresh air can work wonders. I was bought an apple tree when my mum passed away and the delight I have had as I have seen it blossom, bear fruit and grow has been huge.

2) A day out…taking a friend who is feeling blue out somewhere for the day can really lift their spirits. When we feel rubbish we can get a bit stuck in a rut and a change of scenery can really help shake off the blues the more fresh air and daylight the better. For me, a walk by the sea always lifts my spirits.

3) A happy playlist of their favourite songs. Oh, the power music has to make us feel better. If you need inspiration for some happy songs chack out my happy playlist here

4) Or how about A Happy Bag? I was recently sent one of these from Funky Pigeon  (who are going be selling my Create Your Own Happy book for kids  – yay!) Funky Pigeon, as you probably know sell a range of personalised gifts and cards, and they have recently added to their range with some gorgeous wellbeing gifts and cards This range is just lovely and will defiantly have something in it that will work to cheer up a friend.  The Happy Bag is fabulous. It contains A Funky Pigeon notebook, Funky Pigeon pen, A box of Pukka Night time tea, Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy’ book, choc on choc #believeinhappy chocolates and a supportive and sweet card from Amy the designer who understands having the blues.


Now that would most certainly work to cheer me up!

5) A home cooked meal that you then share with your friend is a lovely idea. It combines thoughtfulness, companionship and a night off cooking. What could be better? You can check out my Eat Simply blog for some lovely recipes.

6) A  big deep heartfelt hug. Touch is really healing and a big hug really can convey how much you care.

7) A good book. Escapism can really help when we are feeling blue and getting lost in a good book gives a great reprieve from our worries.  I have recently read Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella which was funny and fab and thoughtful and The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan which was tender and beautifull. The Happy Book from the Happy Bag (see above) is a great read too.

Yes, a good read can absolutely cheer someone up!


Have these ideas inspired you? What would you give a friend to cheer them up?





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