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7 Of The Most Common Signs Of Breast Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

7 Of The Most Common Signs Of Breast Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

In the United States, breast cancer is a leading cause of death in women. With early detection and treatment, you could reduce this figure significantly. But what are the most common signs? Most people do not know about them. However, if you notice any changes or unusual symptoms in your body, do not wait until too late. Talk about your concerns with a doctor who can assess your situation and provide the necessary care. Here are some signs you should be checking.


Common Signs Of Breast Cancer You Shouldn't Ignore



7 Of The Most Common Signs Of Breast Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Large Lump in the Armpit

An enlarged lump in the armpit that is easily detectable could indicate a problem. However, it can also be caused by something as simple as an infection or cyst. Therefore, you should not panic if this occurs one time and then disappears on its own after a few weeks of treatment with antibiotics. 

If the symptom persists for several months, it is important to see a doctor. As stated by this breast cancer surgeon, a medical professional will be able to tell what’s wrong by performing simple examinations. It might be necessary to do some additional tests, such as an MRI or biopsy to find the cause of the lump. If detected early, this condition can be treated with minimum effort. 


Breasts That Have Swollen or Changed Shape

One of the most common signs of breast cancer in women is when one or both breasts become swollen and change shape over time. One breast might start to swell or become larger than the other, or they both lose their shape and look saggy. If you notice one or both of these symptoms, do not wait until it is too late.

However, it is important to note that these symptoms could indicate other problems besides breast cancer. For example, they can be caused by hormonal changes or weight gain/loss. If you notice these signs and lose significant amounts of weight over time (e.g., ten pounds), consult your doctor immediately.


Breast Lumps That Are Firm and Fixed to the Skin

Both women and men can get lumps in their firm breasts. However, if they are fixed firmly to the skin, this indicates a possibly cancerous tumor. If you find a lump that is fixed firmly to the skin, it does not move or change shape when pressed on, do not wait until it is too late. Instead, consult your doctor immediately so they can perform tests to see if there are cancerous cells present.

From the tests, your doctor should be able to determine what is wrong with your body so you can receive the necessary care. Early detection is key to the successful treatment of breast cancer.


Nipple Discharge or Change in Nipple Color

A change in the color of your nipple, such as a darkening or loss of pigmentation, can indicate that something is wrong with your body. If you notice this, see a doctor immediately to determine if there are cancerous cells present.

If your nipple starts to discharge a watery or milky substance, it could indicate something wrong with your breasts’ milk ducts. If you have had previous breast surgery or radiation therapy, this symptom can also occur. In most cases, these conditions are not cancerous and require little-to-no treatment. However, they should be assessed by a doctor to rule out any other problems.


Changes in the Skin of Your Breasts

If you notice changes in the skin on your breasts, such as dimpling or puckering, this could indicate fat necrosis (when tissue dies and then liquefies). However, it can also indicate that there is something wrong that you need to have checked out by a doctor.

It would be best to do this check immediately to ensure that there is no problem with your body. Since these types of issues are usually benign, having them assessed by a doctor should eliminate any concerns you have about what might be wrong with your breasts.


Bloody Discharge from Your Nipples

A bloody discharge is another sign you should not ignore since it could indicate cancerous tumors in your breasts. However, it also can indicate another problem, such as a cracked nipple or infection.

If you notice a bloody discharge from your nipples, see your doctor immediately so they can determine what is wrong and provide the necessary care for this issue to resolve itself. If left untreated, even benign conditions could lead to cancerous cells forming in the future.


Inverted Nipple

Common Signs Of Breast Cancer You Shouldn't Ignore


Inverted nipples can be a sign that your breasts are developing cancerous cells. However, it also could indicate another problem, such as infection or blocked milk ducts.

If you notice an inverted nipple, have them checked by your doctor immediately to ensure there is not something else wrong with your body that requires treatment or medication of some sort. If not, the chance that you develop cancerous cells in your breasts increases each day.

To protect yourself from breast cancer, you must address these signs of danger immediately. This way, if there are problems with your body or breasts, the doctor will be able to treat them on time so you can have peace of mind knowing nothing is wrong.


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