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7 reasons why travel makes you better

Today – why travel makes you better

reasons why travel makes you better



Travel is one of the most powerful life experiences; if you need reasons to pack your bags, find out the 7 main ways to become a better person when traveling. There are moments in life that change and define who you are. The journey to a new place, launching in the middle of an unknown adventure, with an open mind to the world and to everything that awaits you, is exactly one of these moments.

Why travel makes you better

Travel teaches us things, not just about the world and its different cultures, but about ourselves. There are many ways in which travel can change, and if you take it easy and start it in the wide world, expect to discover sides of yourself that you didn’t even suspect.


Independence will be completely different

Whether you choose to travel alone or with your partner, travel makes you more independent in ways you never even imagined. You have to handle yourself to get from point A to point B, decide what you want to see and do every day and how to manage your budget. All these little things do not seem to contribute much at first, but each one represents a step in the consolidation of a strong sense of independence.


You will successfully exit the comfort zone

When you step out of the comfort of your own home and leave behind everything familiar to you (such as language, weather, food and even people), you begin to look at the world and yourself in a different light. Things that used to look uncomfortable or even scary – taking a meal alone in a restaurant or diving from one who knows what rocks in the blue waters of a distant sea – no longer give you chills and then you can embark on challenges you never dreamed of.


You learn to put more value on experiences than on things

After you have been given the opportunity to look at the Colosseum in Rome or after completing the hike to the peak of Machu Picchu, you begin to realize that in life, the things you do matter more than the ones you have. Little by little, the certainty that the experiences and memories you create, and not the souvenirs you buy, are the ones you deserve to wake up to every morning.




You will become more flexible and easier to adapt to

Sometimes, things take unexpected turns when you travel. Canceled flights, rains that start to surprise you, to happen to fall asleep during a train trip and miss the station … But the good part of all these apparent shortcomings is that you learn to handle everything. You learn to adapt and look for new solutions and, most likely, after the misfortune passes, you will tell about it with a big smile on your face.


You grow tired of wanting to know as much as possible

Once you’ve got the taste of travel … hold on tight! Someone will hardly be able to stop you. After you’ve satiated your gaze with the world’s most beautiful sights, smelled and listened to the sounds of destinations that have entered and nested your soul for eternity, you will never be the same again. You will be surprised by the desire to discover new places, and the list of travel plans will no longer fit in the fridge. Fortunately, the world is big and the destinations so many that you can hardly get a life.


You will understand deeper and appreciate from the heart the other cultures of the world

When you are surrounded by people from other countries (people who motivate different values ​​and traditions and who simply think differently than you do), you realize that the world is a much bigger place than the corner which represents your entire universe. You will see things from a new perspective and you will be able to understand different lifestyles. Interacting with people and communities from different parts of the world teaches you to appreciate the differences and to notice the similarities as revelations.


The world is beginning to open in front of you


You will notice that, after you have opened your mind and heart for new travels, experiences, places and people, the world ceases to appear hostile, looking like a better, more friendly place. Looking at everything with an open mind, without the fear of exposing yourself to the new, you become more connected to the surrounding world and better able to enjoy everything it has to offer.




Choosing to live your life actively is one of the best things you could do for a fulfilled life. But don’t forget, travelling is about learning what to take with you as well. It is important to pack the right things, so you can enjoy your travels at the fullest. Clothes and some hygiene products are a must, but if you want to immortalize your memories, your phone or tablet shouldn’t be left at home. Also, they are good to keep in touch with your family and friends or to relax by watching some videos and playing games like puzzles, slot games or whatever you prefer. For example, while being in your hotel room, what can you do to spend some quality relaxation time? That is why you must bring some technology with you, it is easy and can be used wherever you are.


Travel offers you plenty of wonderful opportunities to take control of your life’s properties and make you take more decisions. Furthermore, when you can see success in the small decisions you take, you build confidence to take bigger and bigger decisions.



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