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7 Remote Working Tips to Boost your Efficiency

7 Remote Working Tips that are More Important than they Seem

Remote work has become increasingly fashionable ever since the onset of the global pandemic. Almost all good companies and even ISPs offering plans like Spectrum One, offer their employees the option to work from home. This allows them to work on their own terms, in conditions most comfortable and suitable to them.  

It is popularly believed that working from home reduces work efficiency and quality. This could not be further from the truth! Remote work, when done right, has proven to garner more results than even on-site work! The problem arises when workers become lazy and begin slacking off. Here are a few tips to help avoid that and encourage you to work and deliver your best, even from home!


Remote Working Tips to Boost your Efficiency


Tip 1- Maintain a Wake-Up Routine

A lot of the time, while working remotely, we skip the steps that fall in between waking up and starting work. Many people just wake up at the last minute and start working in bed. However, this is the most ineffective environment and attitude to work with.  

By remaining in bed and not following our morning routine, one is giving their brain the signal that the line between work and rest has been erased. Consequently, one is more susceptible to dosing off, zoning out, feeling uninvested, and working inefficiently.  

The ideal way to wake up and begin work with the right attitude is to follow the same morning routine that one would do before leaving for on-site work.  


Tip 2- Have Breakfast

It is very important to have breakfast, even if one is working from home. Often, one thinks that being home means they can eat at any time, so they pend it till break. However, this is not healthy, because the body needs food before it can function to the best of its capabilities.  

While having lunch during your break might help you get some more sleep in, it comes at the expense of the most important meal of the day. Having breakfast not only incentivizes waking up but also energizes you, allowing you to work at full capacity.  


Remote Working Tips to Boost your Efficiency


Tip 3- Get Ready for Work

Many of us don’t realize it but dressing up before leaving for work really boosts our serotonin levels. Everybody likes to look nice and feel clean. However, getting dressed is the one step skipped by default, while working from home.  

Most people work from home in pajamas, and the laziness of that action makes for an unintentional morale dampener. When you feel sloppy, you work sloppy too! To boost your own confidence, it is important to make sure you get dressed even if you have no one but yourself to impress!


Tip 4- Create a Workspace

A lot of one’s efficiency depends upon where one is working. There have been countless studies that reveal that one’s work environment impacts one’s work quality. This is why, having a proper workspace that is silent, well-lit, secluded, and conducive to working is very important.  

The home is a hub of distractions that are at arm’s length, and it is very easy to succumb to them when no one’s watching! The biggest distraction one faces are one’s own family or flatmates. To avoid them affecting work efficiency, it is imperative to have a workspace that is separate from the rest of the house.


Tip 5- Sit Up

This is the one point that no one wants to hear but most successful individuals would testify to- posture is key. Many people think that working from home’s biggest charm is working from bed. This is not the case at all, however. Work done lying down can be done in half the time while sitting up!

Additionally, lying in bed while working on the laptop cuts our efficiency in half and exposes us to many different health problems. Because one’s typing posture is compromised, strain is placed on wrists and elbows. This can result in RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury. Bad posture can also cause back problems.  

Apart from this, working at the wrong angle can also place strain on the eyes, exposing one to issues like weak eyesight, headaches, lazy eyes, dry eyes, or even capillary rupture. This is why it is important to make sure the laptop you are working on is at eye level.



Tip 6- Take Breaks!

This is something that many of us forget to do when we are working from home. There is a common misconception that working from home means that we are already relaxed, therefore breaks are unnecessary. This is not only untrue but damaging, too. Taking breaks is essential for the human mind.

One can choose to take many short five-to-ten-minute breaks during the workday. For example, taking a quick walk around the house or eating a snack would refresh one’s mind. Otherwise, a single one-hour-long break where one can eat, socialize and walk around can prove just as beneficial and energizing.  


Tip 7- Avoid Screens During Breaks

An eight-hour workday from home means constant contact with the computer. Even tasks that require human interaction such as attending meetings or discussing projects now require an online presence. This can prove detrimental to one’s physical health and mental well-being.  

It is essential to create the right balance so that our body is not exerted beyond measure. The best way to do this is by completely detoxing from screen usage during our breaks. This ensures that one’s eyes get rest, and one doesn’t feel sensory overload from working too much.



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