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7 Science-Backed Ways to Boost Productivity

Science-Backed Ways to Boost Productivity


Science-Backed Ways to Boost Productivity

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Science-Backed Ways to Boost Productivity

Whether you’re trying to beat the afternoon slump or rushing towards getting that task done before the clock hits 6.00, a productivity boost is something we all need- or rather, crave for, and we’ve actually got something to help. Keep reading to discover the 7 best ways to boost your productivity levels


Get Organized

Yes, having an organized work desk is another great way to work more efficiently. There are several studies that have backed it up- clutter tends to affect your brain’s ability to work at its best, and in contrast, decluttering can help you feel less overwhelmed and exhausted and put in more effort.


Plan Ahead

Creating to-do lists and planning your day ahead of time is another way to make sure you work at your productive best. Make sure you keep it simple and realistic though- you don’t want to set huge goals for yourself- just break things down into small chunks and that should help you stay in a clear frame of mind and work on your goals in a better way.


Do it First

Attacking and accomplishing the most important and crucial task of your day first is one of the best ways to be at your productive best. Tackling your major task the first thing in the work day can not just get you energetic and more motivated, but will also make you less likely to procrastinate.


Get the Plants

Yep- that’s true. Studies have found that offices that have plants around tend to have upto 15% better productivity levels. Plus, having plant life around tends to improve air quality, concentration levels and even enhances workplace satisfaction.




Take a Break – Science-Backed Ways to Boost Productivity

Yes, even when on days that you’re literally drowning in work and it may seem impossible to get away from your desk, make sure you take a break. Not only will it help prevent a burnout but also help you release the built up exhaustion and stress that in turn, affects productivity. Several studies have found that taking a short break can work as a mood booster and get you ready to get back to work with energy.


Eliminate the Distractions

This one’s specifically targeted towards digital distractions- checking your Facebook or mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed- all of these tend to affect the pace at which you do your work. Try to limit your screen time, especially when you’re at work.


Take a Nap

You probably knew this one was coming- our busy lives have affected our sleep schedules the most, and a good number of us don’t get enough sleep everyday. Taking a short nap can actually help recharge you instantly and also improve your mood and boost your productivity levels.



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