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Tips to Organize Your Tween’s Bedroom – 7 Easy Hacks

Organize Your Tween’s Bedroom with these top tips

Tweens are stuck in this strange place of some days being as grown up as a teenager and the next wanting to revert back to their childhood days and play with their toys. At this point in their young lives, they’ve accumulated a plethora of…well…stuff. And trying to clear out and organize when they’re not quite ready to give any of it up can be something of a challenge.

This results in a ridiculously disorganized room that is often quite the mess. To help, we’ve gathered some tips to organize your tweens bedroom and take back control from the clutter.


Organize Your Tween’s Bedroom


Organize Your Tween’s Bedroom

But how! Here are my top tips …


Let them Have a Say

The first thing to do is clear out old toys, games, and clothes that are past their prime in your home. As you do this, allow your child to give their input on whether to keep or donate items from their room.

Old toys and clothes can find a new life with a family in need, so encourage your child to be generous as you sort through, but don’t insist that they give away items that they have a sentimental attachment to.


Open Up the Closet to Organize Your Tween’s Bedroom

Consider taking the door off the closet. It will help open up the room, plus it will keep them from being tempted to “clean” by cramming everything in and closing the door.

It can also help with opening up floor space for furnishings, as the proximity to the open closet door often plays a role in how you must arrange the furniture.


Create a Study Area

One of the most important areas in a tween’s room is their study space.

They need a singular place to store their supplies that has plenty of room to do homework, put together crafts, or do other creative activities. Be sure to choose a desk that has plenty of drawer space to reduce the amount of clutter on the desk.


Organize Your Tween’s Bedroom


Organize Your Tween’s Bedroom – Use Drawers or Bins Under the Bed

The space under the bed is another tempting place to hide messes when you’re cleaning in the unique style of a tween. Fill the area with shallow, rolling drawers or lidded bins to help keep items under the bed organized. This will help the space available for them to cram things in when cleaning.


Walls Make Great Storage

Hooks and shelves on the walls help to create more storage space when you’re working in a smaller room or if your purging efforts weren’t quite as successful as you’d hoped. Do take care with the location of shelving and hanging items to be sure that they won’t be easily knocked off the wall to fall on a sleeping child.


Prioritize Locations

Make sure to place things that are used often are in an easy to get to location. Storing the baseball equipment behind the bins under the bed is just asking for the bins to be pulled out and left in the middle of the floor before every game. The same goes for organizing clothing. Stash away next season’s wardrobe and only have things that can be worn currently in drawers.


Organize Your Tween’s Bedroom – Designate a Place for Old Friends

If there are certain nostalgic toys or stuffed animals that your child isn’t ready to part with, but has no immediate use for, find them a home that is out of the way and out of sight.

Revisit the items periodically to see if your child is ready to move on and donate them to a child in need.

Organizing a tween’s bedroom can be a challenge, but it can be done if you work together and think carefully when you make decisions. By cleaning out the clutter and finding homes for their belongings that make sense, you’ll give them a space that is more fun and inviting to live in.



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