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7 Tips to Save Money on Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a highly effective clear aligner treatment that comes at a high price point. Invisalign treatment cost varies greatly depending on a multitude of factors. Here are some tips to help you reduce your invisalign cost. 



Do your math before sign up for the payment plan

Payments plans are a great option if you do not have enough money to pay up front. However, some payment plans end up costing more long term than paying for the treatment up front. Before signing up for a payment plan add up the total you will pay long term before agreeing to it. It might save you a lot of money to save up for a couple months before starting treatment and pay up front.

If you don’t have the cash on hand to pay up front, a payment plan can be a good option over taking out a loan or putting it on a credit card. With loans and credit cards you will have to worry about interest rates and defaulting. Payment plans tend to be more flexible with the terms than loans or credit cards. 


Check your insurance

If you have dental insurance you will want to check if your insurance will cover part of your treatment. Before making your initial appointment make sure your orthodontist takes your insurance. Many dental insurance plans include orthodontist treatments and can cover a good percentage of the Invisalign cost. 



There are two different health savings accounts you can take advantage of to help pay for your invisalign treatment. A health savings account (HSA) is a savings account available for people with high deductible insurance. An HSA is usually set up through your insurance plan with your employer, many employers will provide a match that is free money that you can take advantage of every year. You can set aside $3,400 for an individual HSA or $6,750 for a family HSA account every year. 

You can also use a flexible savings account (FSA), which is another special savings plan often set up through your employer. You can set aside $2,600 annually. Both the HSA and FSA are tax advantaged accounts which can help you save money for certain medical, dental, and orthodontic costs. 



Choose the right provider 

Invisalign has a scale for doctors that provide invisalign treatments, the more experience a doctor has the higher on the scale that provider is. The higher on the scale the doctor is, the larger discount they receive on invisalign treatments. Some orthodontists may pass these savings onto the customer. 

Some orthodontists have a different view and will charge more because they have more experience with Invisalign. Other orthodontists who have less experience may not be high up on Invisalign’s scale but will charge less to attract customers to gain experience. With there being different reasons to charge more or less, you will want to shop around and see what each orthodontist around you is charging. 


Follow your invisalign treatment plan

As you go through your invisalign treatment you will save money if you commit to the plan, unlike braces it is easier to get off track and not wear your aligners as required. This can lengthen the treatment time and hurt your wallet in the process.

Since invisalign requires regular orthodontist appointments, if your treatment is extended you will have to pay for more appointments. Not following your treatment plan may also require your orthodontist to create more aligners to get your teeth back on track. 


Consider traveling further 

The price of Invisalign treatment varies depending on where you are located. If you live in a state with a higher cost of living, Invisalign will cost more. This is also true based on whether you’re living in an urban area, suburb, or rural area. While you may not be able to travel to a different state to save money, if you live in a big city you may want to look at orthodontists outside of the city. If you don’t have to pay high transportation costs, you may save some by traveling to an orthodontist a little further from where you live. 


Ask for a discount to Save Money on Invisalign Treatment

Last but not least, if you are shopping around for rates and have exhausted all other options, consider just asking your orthodontist for a discount. An orthodontist may want to keep you as a patient and work with you on price. Depending on how much business an orthodontist has at the moment, they may be willing to reduce their profit margin slightly. 

According to this professional dentist in Saratoga Springs, plenty of dental clinics are now offering discounts so don’t be afraid to ask your dentist.


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