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7 Tips You’ll Appreciate When You Want To Organize An Outdoor Event


Although anyone can do it, it takes a little skill and effort to organize a successful outdoor event. With the Autumn event season in full swing, there’s no time like the present to plan a killer event! Whether you’re planning a wedding, conference, or barbecue outside and you want to do a good job, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 7 tips everyone needs to know before planning an outdoor event. 

Have a plan B 

While you need a plan for your event, it’s also crucial to have a backup plan! When event planning outside, so many things can go wrong, so it’s important to have a plan B ready for any occasion! Outside events are subject to weather changes which can really put a damper on things. Make sure to have an alternative place to keep your guests if the weather goes bad. Make sure to have backup plans for everything from food to lighting to entertainment. Have backup plans for your backup plans, but try not to go overboard!

Creating backup plans for an outdoor event doesn’t always have to be complicated. If you need help organizing, you can check out event production and management companies like veoevents.co.uk. They provide extensive information and resources for hosting outdoor events and parties for individuals and businesses.

Get your equipment on time

The biggest mistake any beginner event planners can make is not getting their equipment on time. Whether you want to rent stages, cooking appliances, or a professional camera, you need to book in advance.

 If your outdoor event includes dancing, singing, and music presentations, make sure to have audio/visual equipment ready, such as speakers, monitors, radios, and projectors. Hosting an outdoor event comes with added challenges, so it’s also a good idea to prepare fans, lighting, tents, and heaters.

Therefore, make sure to make all the necessary arrangements beforehand and to talk to all the necessary professionals. Talk to your chefs, DJs, and florists to figure out what they’ll be bringing with them and what you need to provide at your event. Get your equipment sorted early on and you can’t go wrong!

Sort out your permits

Another important tip for any future event planner is to always sort out your permits ahead of time. Depending on where you live, you may need certain paperwork or permits to hold your event. Outdoor events can be especially tricky so before you book the location and hire the caterers, make sure to do your research. Get all the necessary paperwork you need ahead of time so that your event can run smoothly the day of. This could include obtaining various permits from your local authorities, like those for gatherings, zoning, or even for the consumption of alcohol. Once these permits are in place, you can confidently proceed with your outdoor event, knowing you’re fully compliant with all legal requirements. Remember, nothing sours an event like cancellation due to lacking a permit!

Set the scene

When planning an event, choosing the design and theme is half the fun! If you want your event to be memorable for your attendees, choose a fun theme early on and set the scene. With outdoor events, you can get creative with the location you choose, to create a specific atmosphere. Pick your location and theme and get to work decorating the place. Use lights, art, plants, and other decorations to tie the space together. Whether you want a fantasy wonderland, a tropical getaway, or a county hoedown, there are plenty of styles to choose from! 

Prep your staff

If you’re bringing in staff to cater or serve your event, make sure to prep them beforehand. For your event to be a success, you and your staff need to be on the same page. Choose your staff early on and get to know them. Prep them on everything from proper attire and etiquette to health and safety information that they need to know. Keep your staff in line but make sure they’re feeling safe and comfortable. You don’t need to rule over them with an iron fist to have a great event!

Make your event special

If your goal is to make your event stand out in the mind of your attendees, you need to make it special! Find something that sets your event apart from the rest and leaves a good impression on your attendees. Whether it be a unique theme, fun interactive activities, or a delicious catering menu. Whether it be the interesting speakers you invite, the bumpin’ tunes, or the unique location. There are many ways to make your event special.

Consider enhancing the attendee experience with unique additions, like setting up photo booths around your venue. This interactive feature allows guests to capture fun moments and serves as a tangible memento of your event. These small but impactful details can greatly elevate the experience for attendees, leaving a lasting impression. 

Indeed, there atre many ways to make your event special so look into it! Find what makes your event special and make it shine to impress your attendees!


Last but not least, when it comes to planning any event, you cannot forget to think about branding. If you’re advertising your event and you want to maximize your attendance, you need to find a way to brand it well. To do so, you need to first know what your event represents and who your target audience is. Once you’ve got that down, find unique and eye-catching ways to market your event to the public. Use social media, get with the times, and advertise your event to make the most of it!

Further augment your branding strategy with tangible elements. For instance, you could distribute free merchandise, like hats or bottled water, adorned with your event’s logo or details. In addition, consider utilizing visually appealing elements such as pop-up tents, banners, and flags to enhance brand visibility at the event venue.

By incorporating these branding tactics, you’ll not only promote your outdoor event but also attract a larger crowd, contributing to the event’s success.


Organize An Outdoor Event


So there you have it! With these tips in mind, you’re ready to plan and host the best outdoor event! Every event starts with a plan and the appropriate plan B. Make sure you get all your equipment and permits sorted ahead of time for smooth sailing. Get creative and set the scene and don’t forget to prep your staff! Last but not least, give your event that little something extra to make it special, and remember to brand!

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