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7 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be Creative

Lets take a look at some ways to encourage your child to be creative

There are plenty of reasons why creativity is crucial in a child’s development. For one, creativity encourages problem-solving as children learn to experiment with their actions, available materials, and thought processes. Creativity also impacts a child’s mental and personal growth.

As a parent, it’s crucial to encourage your child to be creative as early as possible. Harnessing this skill early opens countless opportunities for your child’s holistic development and allows them to excel in different aspects of life.

Here are easy ways to encourage your child to be creative.


7 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be Creative

  • Show Interest in Your Child’s Creative Expression

Does your kid love to draw in their notebooks? Are they interested in making crafts? Regardless of how your child expresses themselves, make sure that you show interest in all of these.

For example, if your kid loves to paint or draw, look for an art franchise in your area and let them join a group painting class. If your child is interested in making DIY crafts at home, help them out or provide them with additional materials.

  • Give Praises

Producing art requires many skills, and not receiving any form of appreciation can be heart-breaking. This can cause your child to lose interest in becoming creative.

Whenever your child finishes something — may it be a painting, drawing, or song — take the time to praise their time and efforts. Give them attention and let them know how amazing their work is. This is one of the easiest ways to fuel your child’s creativity.

When giving praises to your little one, refrain from making negative comments. Encourage them to practice regularly and teach them how to care for their equipment or instrument.

  • Show Examples to Spark Ideas

While some children already know what they want to do, others are still clueless. If your child belongs to the latter, spark ideas by showing some examples.

Instead of giving your child a blank canvass or blank screen, show a collection of examples to help spark their imagination. For example, if you want your children to learn how to draw, show them simple and colorful illustrations. If possible, look for pieces made by children in their age.

It’s okay if your child tries to mimic the examples you’ll show them. But as they go along, consistently encourage them to add their personal touch to the pieces. Let them change or modify areas of your given examples, so they can inject their style and personality.


7 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be Creative

  • Allow Your Child to Mess Around

Contrary to popular belief, creativity in children doesn’t only take place in their heads; what they do with their hands is also important. Encourage your child to mess around as this allows them to generate ideas. You’ll be surprised how an aimless activity becomes the start of a new project.

There are numerous ways to “encourage” your child to mess around. You can provide them with different materials, such as colored papers or LEGO bricks, and let them tinker for hours. The goal here is to give independence to your child on what they want to do, so avoid intervening.

  • Provide Necessary Resources

It’ll be challenging for your child to be creative if they don’t have the necessary resources. This will only restrict your child’s development and prevent their creative juices from flowing.

Encourage your child to be more creative by providing them with the necessary resources. Aside from the materials, you should also offer them a room or space where they can mess around. Perhaps a study room or basement in your house?

  • Encourage Your Child to Read

Nowadays, children spend most of their time glued in front of TVs and devices. Over time, too much screen time can be detrimental to your child’s development.

Limit your child’s TV and device use and encourage them to read. Reading supports your child’s thought activity, which eventually promotes creativity. Reading regularly also helps your child express themselves better, encourages logical thinking, and allows them to focus on learning new things.


  • Give Them Time and Space

In an attempt to encourage creativity, many parents would give too many structured activities to their children. However, taking this route only does more harm than good as structured activities can limit what your child can do.

A better way to encourage creativity in children is to give them time and space. This means that you should let your child spend a few ideal hours at home without any activities. This allows their imagination to run wild, resulting in creativity.

Remain Consistent 

Encouraging your child to be creative is a long process, so don’t rush. Instead, remain consistent in showing your support to your child. As long as you’re always there for them, it won’t be long before they’ll have the confidence to unleash their creative side!


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