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8 Must-Have Car Customisations Every Driver Should Make

Like a change is as good as a rest, a customisation is as good as a new car. You can completely change the way your car feels to drive and how it looks with just a few subtle customisations. If you want to make a statement, you can do that too.

Here are some of the best car customisations money can buy that every driver should consider, whether you want to make your car look unique and exclusive or sporty and special.


8 Must-Have Car Customisations Every Driver Should Make


Private Number Plates

This is a great way to customise a car. Not only are you making a change that makes a car more personal to you, but the right number plate could also be an investment.

You can search for private number plates online to find one that suits you and your car at Regtransfers. They have over 40 years of experience in buying and selling private number plates and will be a great place to find the right combination of numbers and letters for your vehicle.


Tinted Windows

Whether you want a sporty look, an executive upgrade, or you want a meaner stance to take to the streets, there is a window tint for you. This upgrade can be completed in an afternoon and does not cost much money to do.

You can get kits to apply yourself but be careful if you choose this option. It may be a lot cheaper but getting a high-quality finish is difficult without some previous experience applying window tints.


Wrap Your Car

Have you ever wanted to change the colour of your car? A full paint job costs a huge amount of money but vehicle wrapping is incredibly cost-effective and can look just as good. Better yet, it can be removed before you sell your car, or you can replace it with something different later on.

There is a wide range of colours and finishes you can choose from, and you can even decorate your car with decals. Fancy the look of a rally car racer? You can get your car decked out like a World Rally classic complete with racing numbers and sponsors.


Sports Suspension

This customisation is a two-for-one deal. Not only does it change the look and stance of your car, but it is also a serious handling upgrade. If you are looking for something more than cosmetic customisation, then this should be on your wish list.


There are many different suspension setups; you can choose one that suits your driving style and the roads you commonly drive on. Many drivers lower their car’s suspension so that their car has a sportier stance, but they can struggle with surmounting speed bumps.


In Car Entertainment

If you are looking for volume and not va-va-voom then maybe your car needs an ‘ICE’ upgrade so you don’t just hear your favourite tunes, you feel them. Big bass systems will always be a popular upgrade, along with enough amplification to power the super-sized speakers.

Another option that is growing in popularity is giving an older car a new media ‘head unit’ that updates it with modern conveniences like a backup camera, satnav screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and even helps it to sync with your phone wirelessly. These features can all be bought and installed on just about any make or model of car.



The quickest way to get more power is by adding a turbocharger. They cannot be fitted to every engine, but most have a turbocharging option. Many diesel cars already have a turbo fitted to give the car more acceleration at motorway speeds. By fitting a bigger one instead, you can push your horsepower up considerably.

Every engine needs three things to work; fuel, air, and a spark. Turbos force more air into the engine creating a bigger bang in the cylinder and pushing your engine harder and the car faster.


Luxury or Sports Seats

People often forget about the interior when customising their cars, which is a big mistake. It may be a larger financial investment, but replacing both front seats or just the driver’s seat can make a huge difference to your car. It changes how it looks, and how it feels.

You can make your seat more comfortable from a luxury, leather-covered driving seat, or get a more responsive feel from a firm and sporty seat. Switching seats can also bring new features, including extra positioning options and heated or cooled seating.


Alloy Wheels And New Tyres

New tyres on their own, made by a reputable brand and fitted by experienced mechanics, make a huge difference to the way a car feels to drive. They improve all aspects of driving and handling, including acceleration and braking.

Switching to a new set of alloy wheels changes the look of a car, with a seemingly infinite number of styles and colours to choose from. They are also lighter and can improve handling and fuel consumption compared to steel wheels.

Put all these customisations together and you will have turned your car into something unique and made it look and feel like a brand new vehicle.


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