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8 Special Kids-Friendly Activities To Enjoy in Nantucket

Do you want to make the most of your family vacation on the island of Nantucket, MA? 

The good news is that this quaint New England Island is a dream destination for all types of tourists and visitors. It is perfect for history enthusiasts, nature-lovers, foodies, surfers, sailors, golfers, romantic couples, and youngsters looking for a fun and party-filled trip.

Apart from being a preferred spot for buying second homes and summer houses for the affluent, Nantucket is also an excellent choice if you want to have an unforgettable vacation with your children.

It is a kid-friendly place, where there are so many things to do and sights to see, that it is likely that both you can enjoy your vacation and your children will be happy and content.

You can rent one of the beautiful private homes available for tourists so that you and your family can feel at home and be ready for new adventures every day during your stay.

Here are some of the best kid-friendly things to do when spending time in Nantucket.


8 Special Kids-Friendly Activities To Enjoy in Nantucket

Boogie Board

If your children like to stay active, and you want to feel safe letting them enjoy some boogie boarding, we recommend that you entrust this to the professionals from ACK Surf School located on the southern beach of Nabadeer. There are private lessons suitable for smaller kids available and group lessons, and a 5-day surf coach camp for teens.

The beach is close to the airport, so the kids will get an extra thrill of the sight of planes taking off or landing while having the best time on the beach.

Ice Cream Cruise

Your children will love the Harbor Tour Ice Cream Cruise. The 1-hour trip around the harbor will allow them to gawk at the luxurious yachts and the ocean and island views from the pier. The best part is that everyone onboard gets free ice cream and frozen treats from the best ice cream stand in Nantucket.

Fiddler Crabs

You can spend an entire day at the picturesque Masquetuck Reservation and enjoy the untouched nature. There are walking trails, which are suitable for children because they are relatively short and easy. During the trip there, you and the kids can enjoy spotting, and why not try to catch and then release some of the fast fiddler crabs. 


Whaling Museum

This top-rated site in Nantucket is a must-see for adults and children alike. It is located in the historic downtown in an old whale oil candle factory. The children will be fascinated by the real giant skeleton of a sperm whale hanging from the ceiling. There is also a Fresnel lens from the lighthouse, scrimshaw, and multiple artifacts, slideshows, and videos depicting the glorious whaling times on the island.

Carnivorous Critters

The Maria Mitchell Association Natural Science Museum in Nantucket is an excellent venue to visit with children because they will be entertained and will also learn more about the local flora and fauna. One of the most enjoyable things to do with children during the summer season is to take them before opening hours to the museum, where they can feed the live animals such as turtles, snakes, insects, and more known as the Carnivorous Critters feeding program.

Cranberry Bog Tour

Cranberries are essential crops grown in Nantucket. There are two cranberry bogs that are open for visitors and have hiking trails all year round. However, the best time to visit them is in the fall when these superfood berries are red, plump, and ready for harvesting. There is even a Cranberry Festival which takes place in October every year, where children can have fun, taste, and learn more about these berries.

The Friendly Firefighter Fight

Every 4th of July, there is a fun tradition in Nantucket, where the island firefighters come out and engage in a spectacular water fight with their hoses. Your kids will love watching, and why not participate in this epic water battle with their own water guns and blasters.

Gaze at the Stars

Take the children to the local Loines Observatory on a clear night in the summer, and together you can be amazed by the millions of stars in the night sky. You can use two telescopes to view the different stars, planets, and constellations.

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