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8 Steps to Creating the Best Home Office

When looking to creating the best home office their are a number of factors you need to consider. You could go down a complete rabbit hole on Pi9nteresrt trying to piece together a vision of the best home office but that could be a fruitless waste of time. Primarily you need to look at the space you already have in your home and figure out how to turn that space into an office environment that works for you.

Here is my 8 step approach to creating a home office that you will love and that will be a productive work environment. 


Creating the Best Home Office

Creating the Best Home Office

Follow these 8 steps to create exactly what you need from your home office.


Choose your space

You will need to ensure privacy, natural light and space for a desk. These will be your 3 top criteria for choosing an office space that will work for you. 



Declutter to maximise your space. You may want to consider skip hire to quickly and effectively clear the clutter from the space you are going to  transform into a home office.  Perhaps you will be putting up a partition wall, or disposing of a unused wardrobe or spare bed? Don’t cram in a desk, make space for it. You want your work space to feel light, airy and as a spacious as possible.


Design your layout

Before you begin purchasing furniture for your home office draw out your layout. Think about what you need before you think about what you want. Draw different potential layouts and consider carefully the space you have. Measure accurately.

Maybe you can accommodate a large desk with separate filing cabinet or perhaps you are going to need a corner unit with built in drawers? Drawing your plans will help you define you shopping list.


Draw up your budget

Before you buy any furniture decide how much budget you have to spend otherwise it is very easy to get carried away!


Consider your health

 An ergonomic office chair is always a good idea and you need to ensure your desk is the right height for you. And, if you have a bad back, you may want to consider a standing desk. Do think about your health. You will spend a lot of time in your home office after all. 


Decide on a theme

Are you looking for a minimalist them, old world style, industrial?  A theme will tie your  home office scheme together and help it to look cohesive. Deciding on a theme will also help you shop smart.


Shop smart

Consider you shopping carefully. Tie together your  space, measurements theme, budget, health needs and layout and shop with all of them in mind. Take your time.


Accessorize well

Consider the supplies you need, whether you would like plants, a spotlight, a minimal keyboard, what stationery you require and purchase aesthetically pleasing accessories that are also useful to you working well.


Wishing you a happy, useful and beautiful home office creation – follow these steps to create just what you need. 

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