8 tips for a stylish home office

8 tips for a stylish home office

When you work from home it is really important to make your home office a place you love to be and a place that reflects you, After all, you are going to be spending a lot of time there. Here are some tips for a stylish home office that you might like to consider.

I love this kidney shaped desk from Furniture at work

I like the stylish curve of the shape and the cappucino colouring, I like the steel legs. Thee is a serious amount of room to this desk and it looks good too. A great desk is just so important!

Furniture at Work also sell a large and diverse range of filing cabinets. These are so useful and can still look stylish rather than corporate – they come in a range of colours I think I would opt for bright yellow or possibly white?



A good desk chair (and one that swivels to amuse my kids) is crucial. I would spend decent money on this too as I know it is really important to look after my back health. A chair should also match you and your personality. Take alook at this brilliant infogrphic that shows how every celebrity  has a chair to match them!


Hmm I think for me the neutral look wins the day.

Chairs really matter

Great stationery is also very important- well it really is one of life pleasures, isn’t it? I do love Paperchase for stationery but even the pound shop do some gorgeous sets that I would be proud to show off. I would have plenty¬† of room to display it on my gorgeous desk.

File dividers and sticky labels – basically the organisational stuff is really important too and so practical but it can still be stylish. I love these form Paperchase!


And a good pen..despite this most definitely being the age of digital I totally love a beautiful fountain pen and it think it is the most stylish office accessory around.

Home offices can feel a bit like you have bought business into the home and can lack the warmth and vibrancy I feel a home should have ..how would I combat that? Fresh flowers – always – for colour and energy and a softening to the area. I would also add some lovely inspirational/motivational art work to the walls to give me something to glance at, add colour and inspire me.



What would you add to make your home office super stylish? I’d love to know so please do leave me a comment below.



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