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8 Ways to Bring a Relaxing Spa-Like Vibe to your Bathroom

Today – Bring a Relaxing Spa-Like Vibe to your Bathroom

A visit to a spa will leave you feeling relaxed and revived, but don’t you sometimes wish that you could recreate that serene and peaceful vibe in your own bathroom? If so, then why not take inspiration from these spa bathroom ideas and create your own sanctuary where you can unwind and leave the stresses of modern day life behind.


spa-Like Vibe to your Bathroom


Spa-Like Vibe to your Bathroom

How to bring a Spa-Like Vibe to your Bathroom – it’s easy!

Enjoy a relaxing soak…

If you’re looking to update your bathroom, and there’s enough space, then you definitely need to fit a freestanding bath. Enjoying a soak in a freestanding bath provides the perfect way to relax and unwind, and it will provide your bathroom with a stunning focal point too. When choosing a freestanding bath, opt for a double-ended design, so if two of you want to bathe together then no-one has to sit at the tap end!

…or an invigorating shower

If you don’t have the space for a freestanding bath, and you prefer showers anyway, a stylish new shower system will give any bathroom an upgrade and add a spa-style touch. Oversized shower heads deliver a refreshing rainfall effect, while body jets provide a massage effect to ease aches and pains.

Hide clutter

Surfaces covered in clutter won’t do anything to help you relax, so clear anything out from the bathroom that you don’t need and haven’t used in years. Only keep what you need in the bathroom and make sure to incorporate storage such as a vanity unit or mirrored cabinet to hide toiletries and beauty products away from view. If you have luxurious spa products that are too nice to hide, fit a shelf or create a pretty display to show them off.

It’s a good idea to organise your towels into a neatly folded pile, or keep them warm and toasty on a heated towel rail.

A squeaky clean space

All spas pride themselves on cleanliness, and you won’t spot a grubby mark or stray hair anywhere. Recreate this level of clean in your own bathroom by giving the space a deep clean, and make sure to do the cleaning every week to keep it looking sparkling.

Set the mood

A simple yet effective way to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere for when you want to destress after a long day is to place pretty tealight candles on a shelf or around the bath to cast an ambient glow. To infuse the space with a calm serenity, opt for aromatherapy candles.

Another way to enhance a sense of relaxation is to replace your normal light switch with a dimmer switch so you can transform your bathroom in an instant. You could even take a wireless radio or speaker into the bathroom so you can listen to your favourite chilled-out music whilst soaking in the bath.



Surround yourself in softness

Soft fluffy towels and bathrobes are must-have items in any spa bathroom. After a soak in the bath, nothing feels better than wrapping yourself up in a warm towel or a soft and luxurious bathrobe. Egyptian cotton towels are a good option as they are not only soft and absorbent, but durable too. Choose neutral colours such as cream or mocha to enhance your spa-like bathroom.

A touch of greenery

No spa bathroom is complete without a few leafy plants dotted around the space. Plants that thrive in a bathroom environment include ferns, orchids and bamboo, and a pop of green or pink brightens up a neutral scheme.


Treat yourself

With a pile of fresh towels and a sparkling clean bathroom just waiting to be used, why not turn the spa-at-home experience up a notch and treat yourself to some gorgeous new beauty products? Think face mask, rose-scented bath oil, body scrub and luxurious moisturiser – go on you deserve it.




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  1. May 15, 2017 / 1:18 pm

    I wish I had enough time to relax in a spa bath. Working long hours leave little time for relaxation

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