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9 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Grown-Up

Today let’s take a look at Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Grown-Up

If you are moving into your first home, or you are redesigning your space, you may be looking for ways to make your home feel more grown-up. Rather than living in a space that looks frantic and chaotic, perhaps you want to exist in space that is a little more sophisticated. The good news is that with just a few simple, and relatively inexpensive, additions you can quickly make your home feel a little more adult. 

While you could go out and hire a decorator or interior designer to help you create a more grown-up aesthetic in your home, doing it yourself is much more rewarding. Moving into a new home or redecorating can be expensive and it’s important to save money where you can. With even the smallest budget, you can make small changes to transform your space so it feels more grown-up, sophisticated and elegant. 

Let’s take a look at just a few things you can do to make your home feel more grown-up, no matter what budget you have to work with. 



Create An Entryway  

Establishing a proper entryway to your home will help you make the right impression on your visitors from the moment they walk into your home. Even if your front door leads directly into the living room, creating a classy entryway will help your home feel more grown-up. Add a mirror, a coat stand, or simply hang some art or photos to create a warm and welcoming entryway to your home. 


Use Frames

Sticking your prints, posters and photos directly to the wall doesn’t scream “grown-up”. Instead, put your display pieces in frames to create a neater, cleaner finish to your space. Frames can be bought cheaply online, in discount stores, or you can even have a go at making them yourself.  


Make Your Home Feel More Grown Up 


Add More Greenery

Plants and fresh flowers are a fantastic way to make your home feel more adult. Not only do they look great but plants can help to purify the air, reduce stress and boost your mood.


Bring In The Books as Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Grown-Up

To add a layer of sophistication to your space, fill up a shelf with some of your favourite books. Even if you don’t have many books, you can add to your collection slowly over time with inexpensive second-hand books from charity shops and markets. 

Have A Statement Piece

One standout piece of furniture will allow your interior design to have a focus. If your budget extends to it, you may choose to invest in one good quality piece of furniture such as a couch or a dining room table. On the other hand, second-hand furniture shops and antique stores can offer great finds that you can upcycle for a truly unique statement piece. 


Ambient Lighting

Adding some additional lighting sources is a great way to make your home feel more grown-up and to add a touch of class to your space. Consider changing your ceiling light fixtures for something more contemporary and lamps throughout your space where they will be functional while adding to your overall design. 


Put Down A Rug

Whether you choose a contemporary design, or something a little more classic, a rug will help your home to feel cozier. You can make your own traditional oil cloth rug, shop in vintage stores or go for a brand new custom-designed rug to fit your space. Whatever option, you choose a rug is a great way to bring a new level of adulthood to your home. 


Make Your Home Feel More Grown Up


Take Steps To Make Your Home Feel More Grown Up 

Making your home feel a little more adult, doesn’t need to cost a fortune. With a few small, simple additions you can improve the aesthetic of your space so that it looks more sophisticated and elegant. Taking a little time to set a budget and plan your new additions in advance, will help you to make the right choices for the space you have to work with.  


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