A beautiful loft conversion

I go back and forward with thoughts of a loft conversion but I have just seen a very beautiful one over at my friend Giselle’s and my loft converting dream has been reignited!

How I would love to convert out loft into an office space, a space to film, write, blog and create. The wonderful light and exposed brickwork and the quiet in particular woudl make this such a fabulous option.  A huge part of me, the sensible part, knows that if we did a conversion we would really need to create a bedroom and an en suite for my son and release his current bedroom to his sister whose bedroom is teeny tiny.

That would be the unselfish and sensible thing to do .

A large office space in the loft is likely to stay just a dream but the bedroom is a real possibility?

There areas some key features  I would want in any loft conversion though.


Gorgeous, exposed brickwork.

Our current loft space/storage space has beautiful exposed brickwork and I absolutely would want to keep this. I love how rustic it looks and how warm and raw. Couples with a white ceiling would be exactly the look I was after. Plus minimal effort in maintenance!


Beautiful well dressed windows

Lot of windows are a must as I do love light and  VELUX blinds would be such a beautiful addition to loft conversion, These VELUX Roman blinds really allow you to play with the light and have a lot of control. The blinds can be sculpted just the way you prefer and are individually cut so you can let in lots of sun light through the transparent blinds or block out the light completely. Perfect for both an office or a bedroom.


beautiful loft conversion


A telescope

I would just have to have a small and powerful telescope no matter what I did with my loft space. How absolutely wonderful to be able to see the stars.


 Fabulous flooring

Wooden floorboards with underfloor heating would just be fabulous wouldn’t it. I love dark wood against white, a few cosy rigs would be a lovely addition in winter too.



A wonderful piece of art

I am a huge art lover and a wonderful piece of art would be a lovely to have in my loft space. I like original art and my go to art buying website ArtFinder has a huge range of original art to suit all styles. I would definitely want a large statement piece for my loft





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