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A Bedoom Design Around a Black Bed

Design around a black bed in your bedroom may sound tricky but actually, it ‘s pretty easy and really can look absolutely amazing.

Is this something you would consider?

I have always been about white in a bedroom myself but I have to say these black bedroom ideas and designs are very inspiring. 

You have so many options with black bed decor and design.


A design around a black bed is perfect for a contemporary bedroom

A black beautiful bed is so refreshing, how often we see wood beds and metal beds in white or silver but it is much rarer to see a black bed. What statement piece it can be. Black beds do not dictate a scheme but they do to some degree dictate it.

Chintz, for example, might look very strange with a bed of this colour.  Unless you go for a black ashy wood, which can look absolutely stunning, a black bed is essentially a modern concept and your room design will unfold in relation to that.




Design Around a Black Bed


A monochrome scheme – how to style up a black bed

I love a monochrome look in a bedroom.

I like the simplicity of the stark black and white and the calm that brings. You can accessorise black and white any way you choose – you could go full-on monochrome if you liked.  You don’t have to minimise the impact of black though you could instead emphasise and accentuate it.


A dark, moody room design around a black bed

Your bed could be paired with a dark blue or green wall and you could create a dramatic, even moody room design. So stylish. The scheme could be relieved by lighter prints on the wall, copious green plants and huge mirrors. Gold accessories would look wonderful in this design and add to the sense of opulence and luxury.


Design Around a Black Bed


Full-on modern black bed decor

A black bed, especially in metal, would work really well with a geometric design on a duvet or on wallpaper. You could get funky blends and light shades with sharp lines and perhaps cubist inspired prints for your walls.


Simply use your bed as a starting point and build your design around it.


Design around a black bed



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