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A beginners guide to picking the slot game for you

With their vibrant graphics, immersive sounds and chance of instant wins – no online casino game creates excitement and anticipation quite like online slots. Technological advancements in recent years have transformed the online slot offering and increased convenience and accessibility for players even further.

We explore how to pick the right slot game and how to get the most out of your gaming experience. Whether you are a seasoned player on the reels or a slot amateur wanting to get started playing these games, this comprehensive guide will ensure you maximise your enjoyment and winning potential on online slots:


A beginners guide to picking the slot game for you


Explore the different slot themes

One of the most alluring things about online slots is the sheer variety of game themes. There are slots to suit every interest and preference and developers are releasing new games all the time based on player demand.

Blueprint Gaming’s Fishin’ frenzy is one of the top slot themes. For those that enjoy the world of fishing, the blue water and matching symbols, including fish, pelicans and fishing rods add to the excitement. There is a whole series of Fishin’ Frenzy games, with other titles ranging from Jackpot King to Fortune Spins.

Other expansive collections include Gold Blitz, Immortal Romance and Massive Gold. For film fanatics, slots themed around movies like The Goonies and Jurassic World prove popular. On the other hand, musicians can enjoy rock themed slots like Guns N Roses.


Consider the Return to Player rating and volatility

While playing slots is all about the fun, logically players also like to win some cash. Two essential factors to consider when selecting a new slot game to play are game volatility and the Return to Player percentage (RTP)

Volatility describes the level of risk that the player is taking when playing a certain game. A game on the low end of the scale provides smaller but more frequent wins whilst high volatility games give the opportunity for big wins but on a less frequent basis.

The RTP value will also be provided in the description for the game. This percentage illustrates the percentage of wagers that are returned to the players over a period of time, with the higher the RTP the better in general. RTP is calculated by a number of games being run through a simulation and the win rate being recorded as an average.


Check out bonus features and slot site promotions

Different slot games have different bonus features, so you should read the slots descriptions to find out more about the specific features of that game. Popular features include multipliers, wilds and free spins. Mini games are also included in some slots to add an additional fun twist to the experience.

The online slot and casino industry is highly competitive so in order to attract and retain players, sites regularly run enticing promotional offers. One example often seen is a deposit bonus given when you sign up for an account and deposit funds for the first time. Free spins are popular on slots sites too.

If making use of any promotional offers, be sure to read the wagering requirements first and check which games are included. You may also only have a set period of time to redeem the offer, so don’t be caught out by this.


Try demo modes

If you are new to playing slots, depositing your money and clicking on a game for the first time can feel a little intimidating. However, many online slot games come with a demo mode that allows the player to try out the game for free first.

Use the demo version to understand how the game and all its features work and decide whether you enjoy the game’s theme.


Decide your budget in advance

Also, when playing any online casino game it is essential to decide what your bankroll is and how you are going to budget it in advance of playing. Slots is a fast paced game, so you want to make sure you stick to the figure you have decided in advance and not get carried away in all the thrill of playing.

So, the key things to remember when choosing a new slot game to play are to check out the game’s key stats such as RTP and volatility, explore different themes you might like and make use of demo modes, bonuses and promotions.

Asking for game recommendations from friends or online forums can be useful. Reading reviews is also a good idea to find the highest rated and most recommended games. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy all the thrill and excitement that spinning the reels offers for online gamers!

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