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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Care Home for your Loved Ones

Are you looking for a guide to choosing the right care home for your loved ones?

In as much as we always want to be there for our loved ones- especially at their lowest- the truth still stands: offering round-the-clock care, might more often than not, be impossible.

If your loved one requires a nursing home, it points to the fact that they might be vulnerable. This could make this period of selection an emotional one. However, it’s important to be sure you are not imposing your decision on the individual requiring care. If they are mentally capable of making a decision, do well to respect their wishes.

On the other hand, if you have to be the brains of the selection process, don’t fret. We’ve compiled a checklist on how to choose the best care home for your loved one.


Guide to Choosing the Right Care Home


Choosing the right care home for your loved ones



Location, Location, Location. The importance of picking a care home with a great location cannot be overemphasized. One of the biggest needs of anyone who needs constant care, is the presence of family. This would mean regular checkups and visits.

That said, you wouldn’t want to pick a nursing home which is an hour drive away. At first, that might not sound very demanding. However, you need to think of what this would be like after a long, stressful day. Hence, there’s a need to pick a care home that is easily accessible- if not by you, by other close friends or relatives.


Services Offered when Choosing the Right Care Home for your Loved Ones

How well does the care home really care for its residents? What are the mechanisms put in place to ensure the residents are well managed? Does the nursing home make use of a care management software to ensure maximum efficiency?

What’s mealtime like? Do the residents get to choose what meal they want? Ask questions to know if there are plans in place to meet the special dietary needs of certain individuals. Some other questions to ask as regards the services provided include:

  • Are the residents helped to the toilet if needed?
  • Are they helped to eat and drink if needed?
  • How does the home support individuals with dementia?
  • Are there accessible toilets? Are the toilets sanitary?
  • What security arrangements are made to ensure the individuals are safe?
  • Is there a resident’s call-bell system?
  • Would the residents have to share a bathroom or bedroom?



These are the individuals who would be standing in for you. It goes without saying that it’s important they are adequately equipped with both nursing and interpersonal skills.

When you visit the nursing home, check these out:

  • Is there always a licensed nurse on-site?
  • Does the nursing home bring in opticians and other needed personnel regularly?
  • Are the staff friendly and receptive?
  • Does the nursing home offer the staff an opportunity for continuous growth through access to training programs?
  • How are the employees selected? Are they screened for criminal record or drug abuse?


Cost of Care

What are the home fees? Is a deposit/advance payments required? In case of a resident’s death, are any fees payable? What’s the difference between the cost of a private room and that of a semi-private room?


A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Care Home for your Loved Ones

Physical consideration

You wouldn’t want to keep your loved ones in an environment that’s not healthy, would you? Look around the facility.

Is it clean? Is it well-lit? Are the bathing and toilet facilities maintained well?


Transportation service

In the case of an emergency that transcends the nursing home, what plans are on ground for effective transportation of the ill?


Conclusion to Choosing the Right Care Home for your Loved Ones

Red flags such as a poor violation history, incompetent administrators, or even a bad feeling in your gut are signs that you shouldn’t go for a nursing home. In all, be careful to observe the wishes of the individual who would be placed in the nursing home. 


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