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A Crazy Daisy Portmeirion Tea Set

Crazy Daisy Portmeirion Tea Set review – take a look at the loveliest of fun tea sets. This one makes everybody smile.


Crazy Daisy Portmeirion tea party



A Crazy Daisy Portmeirion Tea Set

I have always longed for a proper grown-up tea-set but one that is fun too, not a stuffy one!  When I was a child I used to set out my doll’s tea-set with pretend cakes. Oh, how I wanted the ‘real thing.’

I have always loved the ritual of pouring tea and sharing a cake or two (or three) with someone I love. I adore going to afternoon tea and I have always wanted to host one but I have just not had the right tea-set to do this.

Well not till now.

Portmeirion sent me their Crazy Daisy tea-set last week and I could not wait to put it to use.

I am so excited to show you our tea party.




Crazy Daisy Tea Set

What I like most about Crazy Daisy tea set is how fun it is. My home is white and bright with lots of colour pops so modern and funky pottery is perfect for us.

There will be no saving for best in our house.  This lovely pastel design is perfect for every day and there is no way we will be hiding it away.

This set that makes me smile.

It exudes cheerfulness.



Time for tea

I so rarely make the time for tea from a pot but really it takes no time at all. With this bright and cheery Crazy Daisy teapot, I will definitely be doing it much more often. I am loving the teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, they are a generous size and just a delight to use.

Oh, and to use these proper cups and saucers was absolutely a delight. They beat mugs hands down!



My favourite thing about the set though had to be the sweet teaspoons





Did someone say cake?

I do love to bake and a cake stand has been long on my list of wishes.  This beautiful Crazy Daisy cake stand is perfect for cakes small or large and doesn’t it display them beautifully.




crazt daisy tea set


To accompany this we have the cutest pastry forks I have ever seen and matching tea plates



The verdict on Crazy Daisy Portmerion tea set

My daughter came home from her Sunday afternoon playdate with her friend and her best friend’s mum to find a surprise tea all set up.  She was spellbound. It did look so very pretty. We all had the loveliest time having tea together. And yes, we did eat ALL the cakes, drank a lot of tea and chatted and laughed and had a lovely time. Our Crazy Daisy Portmeirion tea party was a big success





About Portmeirion

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Portmeirion Potteries Ltd is the leading pottery manufacturer in the UK. As well as Portmeirion, the company also own Royal Worcester and Spode. They are such a well-loved British company. You only have to say Portmeirion and you hear people sigh. Gorgeous nature based designs,  handcrafted in Stoke and whole collections to adore.

The brand has been going since 1960 and takes its name from the Italian-style village designed by the eccentric architect Sir Clough Williams- Ellis on the coast of North Wales.

You must check out their other designs in the Portmeirion shop there is definitely something for every taste.


Do let me know – do you like this Crazy Daisy Tea Set?


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