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A Creative Kitchen

For many families the kitchen is the hub of the home and I know for us this is certainly true – we do have a creative kitchen!. We use our kitchen for homework, crafting, sewing, reading, cooking and creating, chatting, playing board games and occasionally we do actually cook in their too!

Our kitchen is a warm, inviting place with a big wooden table and lots of light. It most certainly needs a makeover and a fresh paint but it is full of warmth, good fun and happy times and that is of course the most important thing.

If there isn’t a dusting of glitter on the floor or a discarded book then it would most certainly not look like my kitchen!


A Creative Kitchen

This month over at the Spring issue of Ignite, Magnet Kitchens seasonal magazine, I am sharing some ideas on how my kids use our kitchen and the creative fun we have here.




I love this magazine, it has some super ideas in it for Spring in the kitchen!


creative kitchen


If you want to learn how to make chocolate Jazzies or lavender salt dough, or fancy being inspired by some Spring kitchen ideas pop and have a look here

We love Magnet kitchens and they really are fabulous quality

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  1. April 1, 2016 / 11:23 am

    I never realised Magnet had a magazine. Will check it out. Thanks!

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