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A driving safely checklist #DrivenToDistraction

A driving safely checklist is a very useful thing!

As regular readers will know I am a huge fan of travelling and I just adore a road trip.


a driving safely checklist


A Driving Safely Checklist

Driving safely on the road is the most important thing to me about any road trip and I make sure I have every precaution in place.

Here is what is on my checklist:

I make sure my oil and water are checked and my MOT is up to date.

I check my tyres for air pressure and tread.

I make sure I am wide awake.

Being wide awake is, of course, crucial to your alertness and to your reaction time,

I do NOT use my phone.

I make sure I have a little chocolate in my glove compartment and I take regular breaks

Do you do these things on you driving safely checklist  – is there anything else you would add? 


A Driving Safely Checklist


Reaction time is so important isn’t it when it comes to driving safely, You can test your reaction time in this game devised by Kwik Fit if you fancy..it’s interesting and illuminating and will really make you think about distractions when driving. Particularly distractions from your phone.



My car has an inbuilt sat-nav but  I have to say I am not a huge fan of her rather pompous voice. Being a bit of a technophobe I haven’t quite figured out how to change it yet though. Despite her snooty voice I know it is a billion times better to use my inbuilt sat nav than my phone.

Despite EVERY driver knowing they should not use their phone, 19% of the surveyed drivers admitted that they sometimes take calls while driving, 17% admit that they read texts off of their phone, and 12% send texts.

Excuse me being so blunt but that really is just so stupid and so careless.

All of these reasons can result in a penalty if the police pull you over and find that it was distracting you.

Not only this, this time difference could be the deciding factor between a driver crashing or not and lives lost or not.



 I hope you have found my post on A driving safely checklist to be useful. Don’t use your phone folks. Drive safe and have some great road trips,



A driving safely checklist is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on car tyre safety


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