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A Garden Guide: From Neglected To Resurrected


A Garden Guide: From Neglected To Resurrected


A Garden Guide: From Neglected To Resurrected – simple tips

It’s a sorry sight when a once-beautiful garden falls into disrepair. But don’t despair because your neglected garden can be resurrected once more. All it takes is the courage and determination to step out into the wilderness of your outdoor space. You just need to reclaim your garden from Mother Nature. Of course, you can still celebrate the natural aspects of your outdoor space but you just need to keep those aspects under control. This guide should help you to transform your garden from neglected to resurrected.


Start some new projects.

The best way to resurrect your garden is to start some new projects. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubbery, and pull up any wilted plants that have been long-forgotten. It’s time to start afresh. You should plant some new flowers or plants so as to revive your garden with a bit of colour and vibrancy. Check out sites such as Green House Stores because they have a wide range of greenhouses on offer that you could use for growing plants. In fact, if you’re really struggling to find a project that makes you passionate then you could even start growing food, such as lemon thyme or parsley. You’ll definitely feel incentivised to stick to your new projects if they involve some delicious food at the end of it. Find a project that you’ll continue in the long-term so as to ensure you don’t neglect your garden again.


Fix up any shabby aspects.

The next step is to fix all the things that are visibly wrong with your garden. Starting new projects will get you invested in adding colour to your garden, but you also need to brighten up the aspects of your garden that are already shabby. For example, a lick of paint on a faded fence can make the world of difference. Repaint your fences in a vibrant colour and you’ll instantly notice that it adds something to the appearance of your entire garden. You could even turn old watering cans and other neglected garden utensils into flower pots so as to inject these things with some new life.




Let natural and non-natural design combine.

Perhaps you admire the beauty of nature but it’s not enough to incentivise you to spend much of your time in the garden. You prefer your creature comforts, as many of us do. But who’s to say that your garden can’t contain some of those creature comforts? The best modern-day gardens are a perfect combination of natural and non-natural design. You should keep the grass mowed and the plants watered, of course, but you could throw a little manmade design into your outdoor space in order to make it feel more like your personal space.

Decorate your garden as you would your living room or any other indoor room. Find some sort of centrepiece to get started. You could install a pond in the centre of the garden as a focal point, for example. You could create a gazebo to serve as a sheltered area for family barbeques or simply relaxing and admiring the garden. You could even create a paved path leading up to that centrepiece. Lighting doesn’t hurt either; you could put some solar lights around the garden so as to ensure this space remains lit day and night. Much like any other room in the house, you should be able to enjoy your garden at any time of the day.


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