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A gift list for under 5’s

A gift list for under 5’s

Oh, what to buy your under 5? It’s not as hard as it might first seem…there are actually a whole host of brilliant present ideas out there and I have done the hard work for you. here are 10 of the best


A gift list for under 5’s


Dolls House


A dolls house is a toy to keep for years or even generations and even the littlest child will delight in a mini house of their own. This alpine dolls house (£74.99) is a beautiful, fully equipped dollhouse kit with dolls and it is made entirely of wood. It has two floors plus a terrace decorated for a child’s room. It includes 30pcs wooden furniture and 4 dolls. So lovely and will be much treasured.


Ocean Animal Sounds

It is never too early to start kid’s interest in books and this Ocean Animal Sounds (£12.38) is just so appealing. This is a book that will totally grow with the child. When they are little they will get so much pleasure pressing all the animal sound buttons and listening to you read. Then, in time, they will read these facts themselves and learn more about the beautiful animals in our oceans. Just the most gorgeous book packed with lovely photos.


Vtech light and flight discovery globe

A brilliant way for little ones can discover there is a big wide world out there with this brightly coloured, light up, interactive light and flight globe (£24.43)  It is packed with games and sounds. Kids can fly the aeroplane to discover famous places, countries, peoples of the world, animals, continents, oceans, foreign languages, music and more through 5 modes of play.  Fun and educational too.



Kids adore face painting don’t hey but aggh the queues are always SO long, So, why not get your own kit from Snazaroo (£13) and learn to DIY. This face painting kit is great for any occasion, making up to 50 full faces. A guide is included to help you create pirate, superhero and animal designs! Fantastic!


Sheep neck pillow

How about this gorgeous neck pillow in the shape of a sheep? It is the cutest combination of a cuddly toy, sleeping and travelling pillow. So a new snuggly and a practical gift all in one. It costs £19.90.

A gift list for under 5's



This is one of those silly games that little kid ( and the rest of the family) really love Egg-zplode costs just £6.99 and looks great fun. The game consists of 2-4 players. There are 8 eggs in the egg tray, some you fill with water, some without, Using the spinner each player spins to receive an instruction. You will either be told to pass a go, egg yourself once -egg yourself twice!! or egg another player. Once you touch an egg you must use that one to break it over your head…and hope it’s not full!! If you are unlucky enough to get wet – you are out!



Kids songs

Kids Songs (£5.99) this gorgeous 3 cd set of kids songs includes ALL their favourites TV Themes and Songs including original recordings from Go Jetters, Tee & Mo!, Timmy Time, Justin Fletcher, Boj, Alphablocks, Chris & Pui, Rastamouse, Clangers, and Mister Maker.


Fur Real Roarin’ Tyler


The hottest toy this Christmas this Fur real tiger is such a cutie. Furreal Roarin Tyler responds to sounds and touch with 100+ sound-and-motion combinations! You can pet his head and his eyes might close. Pet him on his muzzle and he moves! Almost as good as the real thing but it definitely will not bite!  Tiget costs £93.99 and is avaible fomr Amazon




Mini Micro Scooter

Mini Micro (£59.95) is the must-have scooter for all pre-schoolers. It has been designed specifically for 3-5-year-olds, and it has a lightweight frame allowing children to push and carry it with ease. The intuitive lean and steer style of scooting helps develop young children’s balance and coordination skills. My kids have both had these and honestly they are just brilliant.


Play-doh is just fabulous, fun and mouldable and a great spur to the imagination. This 8 piece set of rainbow play-doh (£7.47) is a wonderful starter kit to introduce kids to this brilliant play stuff, they can make what they like then squish it up and start again, Cheap cheerful and long-lasting.

I hope you feel inspired.

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