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A guide to a new era of Christmas dinners

Today  – A guide to a new era of Christmas dinners

While a traditional Christmas dinner has a certain level of charm and nostalgia, this Christmas might be the year to switch it up a bit. Sample new foods and try new traditions.


A guide to a new era of Christmas dinners

Swap turkey and stuffing to pine nut and carrot roast

In with the new out with the old. Skip the unnecessary saturated fats that are in the turkey skin and treat yourself with some veggie goodness. When you think about it, that means you can eat more! Why not give this recipe published by the Vegetarian Society a go?



A guide to a new era of Christmas dinners, pine nut and carrot roast


Built the table up to create a lavish spread

An interesting tradition that I have recently learned that originates from north-east of Europe is serving 12 foods on the Christmas table. The purpose of doing so is to ensure a rich coming year. A food for each month to secure full belly all year round. It’s important not to clear the table all night either as to not take that fortune away.



Swap pigs-in-blanket with carrot and dill pig in a blanket

A mouth-watering fresh take on the traditional Christmas staple. These lovely bitesize snacks will leave you wanting more. Find the original recipe here.


Swap Christmas crackers for fortune telling instead

An interesting tradition practised mainly in German-speaking countries and some parts of eastern Europe. It’s known as the lead pouring costume. Those sitting at the Christmas table gather around and melt small tin figures over candle flame using a special wooden handle spoon. Once the small amount of lead/tin has melted it is then poured into a container of water to create a hardened shape. And then the guessing game begins that little ones can participate in as well! Each shape is said to represent a person’s fate for the coming year. Maybe the ‘frozen’ shape looks like a bunny, which could suggest the person will hop through the year worry free. Really it’s kind of like cloud gazing – open to debate and interpretation.


Swap wine for some Prosecco or gin

While wine goes well with most meals and truly is an iconic drink choice for a Christmas meal. Why not swap that out for other drinks to make the dinner a bit boozier. To add a festive touch and a bit of sparkle, you can pop in some shimmer blueberry bubbles in your glass. For those non-drinkers these will work well for mocktails as well so the little ones can feel just as included.



Swap Christmas pudding for the Foolproof Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Couple months ago, I shared a Foolproof Chocolate Brownie Recipe that you can find here. It is absolutely fabulous and rich in flavour, yet light and fluffy. A perfect treat to finish a lovely evening spent with the loved ones.



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