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A guide to getting an outhouse for your home

An outhouse could be the perfect addition to your home. You can expand the floor space available and create a quiet space away from the chaos of the house. You could make a guest house, home office, art studio or gym with an outhouse. They are the best way to add a private and separate space to your property. Besides, they can look beautiful in your garden and make the most out of your outdoor space.

 Here is a quick guide to building an outhouse for your home.


A guide to getting an outhouse for your home


You need to think about where you will put the outhouse. Most people put it in their back garden, as far from the main property as possible. Ideally, you should keep some of your garden space available. For example, the outhouse could go in the back corner of your garden, while the middle is filled with a lawn and flower beds. Just make sure your outhouse doesn’t block your neighbour’s view.



There are plenty of styles to choose from. Some people go for a log cabin look for their outhouse – with warm lighting and cosy blankets. Others prefer a traditional red brick look to match the appearance of their main property. Get creative with your outhouse and experiment with a new style you haven’t dabbled in before.



The purpose of your outhouse is the biggest decision you need to make. There are many great uses for the house – such as games room, bar, mancave, yoga studio or study space. The purpose of the room will undoubtedly impact the style of the space. You may need to use soundproofing on the walls if you are converting it into a music studio. Or line the walls with a bookshelf if it’s more of a study space and library.



Use high-quality roofing sheets on your outhouse to make it durable and waterproof. Once it is fully installed, you need to start thinking about maintenance. It could easily turn into a cluttered storage space if you do not have a purpose in mind. Make a decision and commit to turning the outhouse into a specific space.

You will need to do maintenance work throughout the year, but especially in the winter months. Clear the gutters regularly to stop water building up and flooding your freshly built house.


Interior style

The interior design is the fun part of building your outhouse. You can start experimenting with colour palettes, furniture and decorative additions. Make it a calming space that is clearly divided from the rest of the house. You could use a neutral colour palette with faux fur rugs and wooden furniture for a Scandi style.

Make the most out of your land, and build an outhouse.



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