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A Hipsters Guide to London

A Hipsters guide to London

Oh, London is cooler than cool and there are so many fabulous things to do there.


a Hipsters guide to London

A Hipsters Guide to London

A Hipsters guide to London

Family activities abound and there are more parks and museums than you could probably visit in a year. There are churches and cathedrals, palaces a plenty and well, many other fun and engaging touristy things to go too.

But what if that’s not your bag?

If you don’t fancy the tourist trail and you don’t have little kids in tow and aren’t really a history buff, then what has London to offer?

So much, so very much.

If you consider yourself a bit of hipster I think you are going to love this little guide to hipster London – it might sound a little crazy, but it also sounds a lot of fun.


The street art of Shoreditch is astonishing and in fact world class and it will keep your Instagram feed looking fabulous. It is a delight to wander Shoreditch at random and just fall upon these street art treasure and an occasional little, achingly trendy coffee shop along the way.

Hip Hotels

There are hip hotels galore in London and one of the very hippest is the M By Montcalm London Shoreditch Tech City Hotel with its beauty and melody spa and Versace décor. It is the most ideal place to stay and be seen and it’s located in the heart of Shoreditch that is perfect for that street art spotting! The Montcalm has a restaurant for discerning foodies and a mezzanine cocktail bar too. Achingly cool.


Camden market remains the mecca of cool clothes and amazing second-hand finds. It has fabulous jewellery stores too. Hipsters can get well kitted out here.

A Hipsters Guide to London

Paddle boarding

Hipsters like to do things a little differently so rather than walking their way around London they could have a go at Paddle boarding along London’s waterways! How cool would that be! 

Vape Shops

Back in the day, cool hipsters smoked as they drank their espresso but these days we know better and so if you need to find a vape shop London has plenty.

House of Vans Skate Park

Hipsters often like to skateboard and underneath Waterloo station you can find the best skate park…House of Vans, it has music art installations and is one cool place to hang out.

Cool Cat Clubs

Bethnal Green Working Mens’ Club is apparently a hipster’s favourite place to chill – for a start, it has a Banksy on the side of the building. They have exciting happenings too and their monthly  Double R Club, sees Twin Peaks fans eat cherry pie and watch amsuing burlesque. Really.


Crazy golf has to be on a list of A hipsters Guide to London

Who would have ever guessed it, apparently crazy gold is a hipster thing these days .S. One of the very coolest places to play is Junkyard Golf, there are scrapyard slides jungle bathtubs and flashing lights… How epic!

So do you like my guide? Do you have any hipsters places or things to do you would like to add in my list. If so, please leave me a comment below.

A Hipsters guide to London

A Hipsters Guide to London


A Hipsters guide to London is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on a romantic break in London

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