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A home and living seasonal style guide

A home and living seasonal style guide

It can be so difficult to keep up with all the design trends that are around each season what we all need is a Home and Living  Seasonal Style Guide and luckily Nectar have developed exactly that. This will save us hours browsing the blogs and the stores trying to define the emerging trends – instead we can find them neatly packaged in this lovely, clear guide.



A home and living seasonal style guide

Inside the compact, downloadable guide you’ll discover an a range of gorgeous  trends and visuals to help you get decide what look you want for your home. There is something for every taste and the guide is inspirational

So what were my highlights?



I love the minimalism bathroom decor trend included in the guide – this really is one I adhere too. I love a beautiful bathroom but I like it to be serene, uncluttered and neutral . It is a look that is Scandinavian inspired and contemporary and it can be recreated with large tiles, silver accents and neutral walls and little else!




The jungle trend continues well into Summer and looks so fabulous in a study. I like my jungle leafy rather than animal inspired and huge botanical prints and real live plants are the way to go. I also love the raw materials that come with this trend – wooden desk, rattan and bamboo. Just lovely,the perfect way to brighten up a home office.


A home and living seasonal style guide



Looking ahead to Autumn /Winter  mountains are a key them in kids bedrooms. I love this trend, I love the sense of adventure it inspires in a child and the simple shapes and beautiful colours of mountains – they are the perfect dreamy landscape for a child’s bedroom.



Thee are lots more beautiful ideas included in the style guide.. I just picked a few that I love most. Do check it out, it is a gorgeous and handy ! Great job Nectar.



There are over 20 home and living brands where collecting Nectar points is a simple part of the decorating process.

There is a huge range of home and living brands that you can collect Nectar points with including Currys, Dunelm, eBay, House of Fraser and AO. Additionally, you can also use your Nectar points with Argos and numerous home and living magazine subscriptions such as Elle Decoration or Gardner’s World.

Nectar is now also available as a browser extension. This means you can now collect up to collect 200 points each month from all of the 500+ brands who are partnered with Nectar. You can find the browser extension here

That’s well worth having isn’t it!


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  1. September 28, 2017 / 4:28 am

    A little something peaceful, that’s what I dreamed of.
    Thanks for the post !

  2. Joscelyne Williams
    June 21, 2017 / 9:53 am

    I love jungle style too, the lushness of plants really inspires me 🙂 However it has been having to compete with my love for space-themed deco which is very different. I’ve been toying with the idea of having “transitional” rooms because I love having very different styles… What do you think? Thanks for the post 🙂

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