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A Luxury Villa in Lanzarote

Have you ever stayed in a luxury villa in Lanzarote? 

It is one holiday that is right up there on my bucket list. I have been to Tenerife and holidayed too in Gran Canaria but I have not yet made it to Lanzarote.  I have heard such great things about it though so I very am keen to visit.

Let me tell you why I think Lanzarote sounds so wonderful and why I am so keen to visit.



Accommodation – Luxury Villa in Lanzarote 

If I was to visit this beautiful island luxury villas in Lanzarote would be my preferred accommodation for several reasons.  These include:

1. Privacy; a villa holiday gives you a level of privacy that you don’t get  with any other kind of accommodation. When you stay in a villa you don’t have to contend with a host of strangers next door or above your apartment or hotel, instead you have total privacy. Annoying neighbours can ruin a holiday and make you feel both self-conscious and irritable. Villas are a win if you don’t want to be disturbed.

2. Space; I also love a villa holiday for the space it gives you. It is a home from home and you don’t all get on top of each other and annoy each other when you have enough space to move around. It makes for a much more pleasant experience and plenty of space is a key requirement for me on my holidays.

3. Practicalities: in practical terms being able to self cater, cook when and what you wish, launder your clothes, have plenty of storage and somewhere to dry your wet things is a real plus. All these things may sound dull but the lack of them is frustrating beyond belief. 

Staying in a luxury villa in Lanzarote would mean that I had everything to hand that I might want or need and the holiday would be so much better as a result. 

Villas in Lanzarote like these Hoopoe Villas would take a holiday to the next level. They come with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, parking, gardens, BBQ’s and even chillout garden sofas. The villas also come with their own laundry room and well stocked kitchens. They sound absolutely perfect to me and they have had the most wonderful reviews.

Accommodation makes such a difference to a vacation I think, don’t you?


They really do look the most  ideal place to stay. 

So yes, I am totally clear on where I would want to stay if I visited, I am also totally clear on what I would want to do and see whilst on holiday in Lanzarote.  There is just so much!



Things to see and do in Lanzarote

Everyone I know who has visited Lanzarote has raved about this beautiful island.  Let me share with you some of the things to see and do that have made my bucket list of experiences in Lanzarote that I long to experience.


On the water

The coast of Lanzarote has so much to offer visitors. There are sunset cruises and dolphin viewing trips, ferry boat rides to neighbouring islands, water taxis and sailing excursions and of course sea swimming and jet skis. Endless sunny days would make time spent on the water just blissful.

On Land

There is so much to see on this diverse island on land too, from volcanic landscapes, green lagoons to  stunning wild coastline.  I would love to take an island tour and I think it is wonderful that I can pick between camels, land rovers or bikes as a way to see the sights. They all sound great fun!


Timanfaya National Park

Also on my bucket list is Timanfaya National Park which is in southwestern Lanzarote and is entirely made up of volcanic soil.  It looks just how you imagine the moon would look with it’s red, yellow and orange rock formations. Definitely an otherworldly place to visit and a camera would be a must! My kids especially would love this. 


Nightlife and Restaurants

For the more lively visitor there are nightclubs galore and a host of wonderful restaurants selling locally grown food.  A wonderful night out can be had in Lanzarote no matter who you are! 


So yes, Lanzarote looks amazing with both wonderful places to stay and the most amazing things to see. Have you been? If you have do drop me a line and tell me what your favourite thing to see or do was.


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