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A Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020

A Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020



A Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020


Oh, a non-fiction Christmas gift guide is a very good thing. There is nothing, I repeat absolutely nothing, I like more to receive as a gift than an unexpected, thoughtful and delicious book. You can have a look here for Amazons non-fiction bestseller list  but this is mine!

Give me a book and a bunch of beautiful flowers and I am as happy as the day is long.  I have been sent a number of stunning books to review for this year’s book lovers non-fiction Christmas gift guide.

I honestly want to take a few days off work and read them all cover to cover they look THAT good. I am so excited to tell you all about them.


Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Here are 5 fabulous books perfect for Christmas gifting from our Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020


Wild in the Garden 2020 by RHS


A Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020


Wild in the Garden in a lovely diary for the garden and wildlife enthusiast. It is packed with photographs of birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, flora and fauna and has lots of interesting tips to help you encourage more wildlife into your garden. This is a book for Gran who is a big fan of both her garden and being organised.


Veggie Feasts by the Hairy Bikers

Veggie feasts – proper hearty veggie and vegan food by the much-loved hairy bikers. This is comfort food at it’s veg indulgent best  and will be enjoyed by all foodies not just the veggie ones


A Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020




Untamed is a gorgeous read full of courage and transformation and a call to women everywhere to be goddamn cheetahs and know their worth and trust their instincts. I simply loved it and would recommend it to everyone.

This is a powerful read by the very fabulous Glennon Doyle – buy it for your friends, buy it for yourself.


A Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020


it’s not just for women – men …you should read this too and emerge as proud feminists.


Be Happy Be You

Be Happy Be You is a best selling happienss bosting books for teens packed jam full of great advice and lovely ideas to help teens navigates tricky times. It has hit the Amazon top 100 several times this year and is much loved! It just happens to be one of mine! 



happy teens


Create Your Own Calm

Kids everywhere have been having a really anxious time this year and create your own calm is the answer. It is an activity book for 6-12-year-olds containing 50 awesome activities to help them be calmer and tackle their fears and their worries. The activities are fun and entertaining and will keep them amused and chilled out for hours. The perfect gift for an anxious child.


calm kids



So there you go or Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020  – 5 awesome non-fiction books


What would you add to our Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2020

I do hope you have enjoyed this Non-Fiction Christmas Gift List –  Are you planning on buying books for your loved ones this Christmas? If so what would you add to our list?

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