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A Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Today – A Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019

A Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019


Oh a non-fiction Christmas gift guide is a very good thing. There is nothing, I repeat absolutely nothing, I like more to receive as a gift than an unexpected, thoughtful and delicious book.

Give me a book and a bunch of beautiful flowers and I am as happy as the day is long.  I have been sent a number of stunning books to review for this year’s book lovers non-fiction Christmas gift guide.

I honestly want to take a few days off work and read them all cover to cover they look THAT good. I am so excited to tell you all about them.


Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Here are 5 fabulous books perfect for Christmas gifting from our Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Wild in the Garden 2020 by RHS

Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide

Wild in the Garden 2020 in a lovely diary for the garden and wildlife enthusiast. It is packed with photographs of birds, mammals, amphibians, insects, flora and fauna and has lots of interesting tips to help you encourage more wildlife into your garden. This is a book for Grandma who is a big fan of both her garden and being organised.


The Art of Love by Kate Bryan

This book is so interesting for art lovers and ‘love’ lovers everywhere. it tells the stories of arts most romantic couples. Including couples such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Joseph Cornell and Yayoi Kusama, Josef and Anni Albers to Gilbert & George it si biographical, exciting, romantic and explosive. So fascinating! The Art of Love is destined for my sister who is a big art and romance fan.


Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019



Protest!: A History of Social and Political Protest Graphics by Liz McQuiston 

Protest is a gorgeous book full of stories of courage and examples of people who challenged what was wrong to bring about change. it is packed with information and most importantly the graphics of protest form graffiti to posters art and print. It is beautiful shocking and sad but most of all I found encouraging. The book begins in the 16th century with the Reformation and weaves its way through art and history and social unrest up to the present day. My teen son is a climate change activist and I think this would make the most wonderful gift for him.





Literary Places (Inspired traveller guides) by Sarah Baxter and Amy Grimes

My well-read in-laws would I think love this book Literary Places – they were both librarians after all and they do love to travel! The book is a guide to some of the very best places in literary history and makes you long to visit them.


Literary Places, Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide


Expeditions Unpacked: What the Great Explorers Took into the Unknown by Ed Stafford

How I adore Ed Stafford – he is so humble and so brave and his challenges have always had me on the edge of my seat. A modern-day explorer and adventurer we can all admire. In this book, he looks at 25fabulous expeditions over time and specifically through the kit these remarkable explorers took with them and how it was necessary to their survival. It is so fascinating and awe-inspiring to see what these great survivalists achieved and the photographs are fabulous/ My brother in law with his huge love of climbing will adore Expeditions Unpacked I am sure.


Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019

So there you go or Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019  – 5 awesome Non-fiction books all published by Quarto – all brand new and looking fabulous!


What woudl you add to our Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019

I do hope you have enjoyed this Non-Fiction Christmas Gift Guide 2019 –  Are you planning on buying books for your loved ones this Christmas? if so wo hat woudl you add to our list?

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