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Pineapple Screwdriver Recipe – Easy Cocktails with Pineapple

pineapple screwdriver

A screwdriver really is a taste sensation and it has to be the perfect summer drink. It is fresh, zesty and full of colour. 


pineapple screwdriver


Cocktails with pineapple

I am thinking of sunshine, a garden cocktail party, good friends and nothing to do all day but relax. Just about perfect and the sunshiney yellow of pineapple mixed with a little alcohol  just goes SO well


Recipe for Pineapple Screwdriver:

Makes 1 Cocktail ( and I am pretty sure one won’t be enough!)
Prep: 2 minutes


Cocktails wih Pineapple



Ingredients for pineapple screwdriver

2 slices fresh pineapple (divided)
2 oz vodka
3-4 oz orange juice (depending on glass)


Cocktails wih Pineapple



pineapple screwdriver


Directions for pineapple screwdriver

In a glass of choice muddle one slice of pineapple until crushed.
Add ice and vodka.
Then fill the rest of the glass with orange juice.
Garnish with the second slice of pineapple.

NOTES *can use canned pineapple/crushed pineapple as well! Just add about 1 tbsp to bottom of glass


pineapple screwdriver


Isn’t it just glorious! Cocktails with Pineapple are pretty much the prettiest cocktails to be found!




Why is a screwdriver drink called a screwdriver?

According to business insider

Decades ago, American oil workers in the Persian Gulf discreetly added vodka to their orange juice while on the job.

Lacking a spoon, the workers decided to stir the drink with a screwdriver.


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