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A Real Mini Christmas Tree

Today I am going to tell you about a  Real Mini Christmas Tree

Oh, my goodness have I found the sweetest little Christmas tree.

There are loads of reasons why you might need a little a Christmas tree, maybe you live in a small flat, have a boisterous dog or toddler or just want low maintenance or effort?

If any of those reasons apply this is most definitely the tree for you.

It would work so well on an office desk too.

I am totally in love with it – it is the cutest thing.


A real mini Christmas tree

Real Mini Christmas Tree

Real Mini Christmas Tree


First and foremost it is a real tree which adds such a lovely air of authenticity to it and brings so much life to the home. Of course, being real, it will last and can be nurtured throughout the year, so actually, it’s a great value product too

Secondly, the lights are already on this Real Mini Christmas Tree  – yay! so no effort has to be made to untangle old lights. It also doesn’t need and extra decorations, so this tree is most definitely low maintenance.

Thirdly it runs on batteries – hurray! so no trailing wires which I can’t stand and can be very awkward.

The tree is planted in a silver-zinc bucket and has a layer of decorative moss around the base. The needles of the tree are sprayed with festive snow and it comes with a gold bow on top too.

My gorgeous Real Mini Christmas Tree was from Tree 2 My Door and costs £25


Real Mini Christmas Tree



Ours is destined for my daughter’s bedroom for which it is a perfect size.

It is so convenient to have it delivered by post and it would make a lovely gift to send to someone living in a smaller space; an older person, a student or a child to have a first tree of their very own.

Just the sweetest little real mini Christmas tree.


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